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  1. I have one in tv yellow and love it, as I posted in HC Forum. I agree with all of Phil's positive points of review.
  2. I am here and aint givin up. I do wish I had my old Ralph onion tag as I have been here for many years. When I tried to get it back it didnt work. Thanks for the replies.
  3. So sad to see only one or two new posts in here daily. This site used to be on fire. Hard to give up an old friend. Thanks to those corporate cone heads who screwed everything up. Hope they got fired but as corporate goes they prolly got a promotion. Used to check in every day but now unfortunately once a week will suffice. Win some lose some!
  4. I knew this {censored} was going to happen. Gibson is going to price their guitars out of the market. Good for them. But corporate does not listen to us. Just exactly like when AMF took over Fender. Crank em out and boost the price, hell it is a Gibson so that alone will sell our product even if it less than high quaity. If Gibson looses it this time it will be all over for them.
  5. I think your songs and voice are very good! Make a little sign and post it somewhere where you wil see it often; "LIFE EQUALS CHANGE!
  6. Got my Martin 000x1e Thursday. A hard shell Golden Gate case with it. I am amazed! Tuned it up and it is everything I have always wanted in a guitar. Unplugged it gives me the "dirty boogie" sound I love. Just crisp and clear and so easy to play. The spruce top is bookmatched perfectly, straight grain and beautiful. The plastic **************** on the sides and back mean nothing to me. It sounds much better than my Martin D-15 which is "aged" which I bought from MF when they first came out, 10 years ago? I do have a collection of accoustic guitars. I wanted to compare them to this Martin. I had an old friend come over yesterday and got all of my accoustics out to compare to the Martin. Bear with me. I have an Alvarez,2 Great Divides, Yamaha, Epiphone, and a Silvertone, Gretch Jjim Dandy and an aniversary(sp) Washburn. All of the above mentioned guitars except the Gretsh are beautiful museum pieces. Perfect. What blew me away yesterday is that the Martin blew them all away. All of those beautiful well crafted guitars sucked! I didnt realize how lame they were. Yes sound is a personal thing and to be sure after playing live since the mid 50's until maybe 10 years ago my hearing is damaged. I failed to write down the model #'s of the accoustic guitars that I have, except for the Gretch, none of them are bottom of the line price wise. And, what blew me away is that the Washburn ran a close second to my new Mexican Martin. I am hooked. I am going to get rid of the other beautiful all wood guitars because I will never play them again.
  7. Neal, keep it up, I am totally with you, need some fire in here. I am not a "newbie" i used to be Ralph onion back in the early days but just cant jump thru all of the corporate hoops to get my old name back.Stay here and keep raising hell!
  8. Got it with hardshell case forless than 600. I pay MF's electric bill so they always cut me a good deal. Thanks for your repllies, very much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for your comments. I ordered tha 000 with a harshell cae.Didnt want to spend the "big Bucks" on a D18 or above. When I get it I well report back, if I dont like it I will send it back. All the reviews were positive so we will see. Thank you all again!
  10. Well hell, I jumped on a new Martin X1AE with a hardshell case for less than 600 dollars. Gas got the best of me once again. I hope it works out!
  11. It is the x series of Martins that I am concerned with. If you have one please fill me in.
  12. come on brothers I am gassing to spend some money on a Martin. Get with me for some advice. I aint gonna do it without your advice.
  13. Jesus! Cant even say {censored} or {censored} in here no more. Corporate censors in here now. No wonder HC has gone to hell in a handbag!
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