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  1. Looking for a Gretsch Duo Jet w/bigsby. Preferably in black w/dynasonic pickups. Let me know if you have one and how much. Must ship to Canada. Thanks
  2. Electro Harmonix Memory Boy analog delay, comes w/box and adaptor Digitech whammy pedal, comes with adaptor Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive TRADES: EH POG2 Xotic EP Booster Xotic BB Preamp Timmy Possibly a delay pedal (no ibanez, boss delays)
  3. interested in some sort of deal for a memory boy or a boss dm-2 analog delay?
  4. interested in a boss dm-2 or a memory boy in some sort of a trade +/- cash for the sexdrive???
  5. Boss DM-2 in great condition, missing the battery plug though, but works off an adaptor, made in 1984, 3205 chip. missing back rubber and label. Electro Harmonix Memory Boy w/adaptor and box. Looking for Boutique overdrive (Sexdrive, Timmy, etc) Xotic BB Preamp, Xotic EP Booster Tuner (Boss TU-3, Peterson) possibly a POG or a Whammy pedal, or another delay.
  6. Looking for a Gibson 335 Dot Reissue in the Los Angeles area Preferably in sunburst, natural, or maybe red Have about $1700 to spend.
  7. Anyone in Canada have a Gibson 335, 336, 339 for sale?? Let me know Thanks
  8. bump might be interested in a reverb pedal
  9. trade for my moog phaser? tempting but i don't really need a phasor.
  10. Diamond Memory Lane ver 1 in great shape. Comes with box and adaptor. TRADED may consider trades or praticial trades.
  11. Looking for a Pigtronix Echolution FT: Fuzz Factory Vexter, Boss GE-7, Memory Lane Only trades on Echolution, or maybe Superdelay, or Deluxe Memory Man
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