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  1. Jade over at Twister amplifiers hooked myself and our other guitar player up with some bad ass custom amps, and I thought Id share some pics with yall. First the pics: This is our second amplifier endorsement deal and let me tell ya, thus far, it has been a much better experience than our previous one( I wont say the name of the company, but its a color:)). Jade literally tweaked the amps to our liking and they sound bitchin! 50 watts JJ EL-34s No effects loop No verb 1 channel Pretty much a bare bones , ass kickin Marshall style amp. It is based off of the Twister F3 design. Honestly, we didnt change much from the stock F3, other than a few minor things and the appearance of the amps. They are in a small head shell(JTM45ish). It is a very cool amp, and they fellers over there are very cool. For someone looking for a custom PTP tube head, their prices are very inexpensive too. I got some mobile recording stuff on the way and when it gets here, Ill try and throw up some clips. CHEERS
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