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  1. If you like the Vox Sound, Get the Vox! I'd buy it again! that's what i'm thinking. so get an older cc1 if i can find one but a newer c1 is good too but maybe not as good, that sound right?
  2. what other options should i consider in the same size/power range? i like the vox sound. i haven't been impressed with the fender hot rods.
  3. the ac15 is heavy... it can't be heavier than the 2x12 50w Carvin. can't be.
  4. Personally I like the AC15CC1 series a little better than the current new AC15C1. A little better build quality, more tonal options with the old control panel. They're still not lightweights though. There are some good options from other makers like Laney that make Vox type amps that might be a better value and a little lighter and more compact. I'm open to suggestions. Specifically I'm looking to go from a 2x12 to a single and from 50 watts down to 10 to 20. Which Laney is that?
  5. I'm Currently lugging around a 50 watt 2x12 Carvin Bel Air and it is killing me. There is no way I'm ever going to need 50 watts and my back isn't what it use to be so I'm looking to scale back. I've always loved the Vox sound so I was leaning towards an AC15 but there seems to be a lot of variations. This Vox noob needs to know what to get. Help?
  6. my entire chain: Dean XM $99 Special > Danelectro Fab Distorto > dimed '64 Gibson Scout. laugh if you must. sounds badass to me. more than badass enough for the garage. the ultimate in simplicity.
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