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  1. I've had this amp since 2008, that says A LOT about this amp... Most amps don't 6 moths with me. I have no plans on getting rid of her either. If stolen, I would sell what ever current amp I have as a backup to get another Hayseed. This is the absolute desert island amp for me. If you like AC30 style amps, you owe it to yourself to try the best........ The Hayseed. If you are not an AC30 fan, you might not be as likely to be impressed at first but the Hayseed will change your mind and probably ruin you if you try any other AC30 type amps.
  2. If no Dr Z's come along, I may be tempted by a Mesa Electra Dyne too.
  3. I have a Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 and Mesa Widebody 1x12 cab with the stock C90 speaker. I got this new from my local Mesa dealer about 5 months ago. I'm really looking for a Dr. Z of some kind, preferably one with EL84's. I'd also consider other AC30 or AC15 voiced amps (no Vox Night Trains or Vox AC30/15 cc's or the newer c's). The Transatlantic and cab are in near mint condition and comes with the carrying bag for the head and the cab has the Mesa padded cover. I'm putting the trade value around $1100 (give or take a little). I will also sell just the head for $750 obo, I've found a Dr Z locally but would need to keep the cab. You can PM me here, or email me directly at telejas@gmail.com or even text me at 417-861-9769. Thanks, Jason Here's some pics
  4. They're back!! Ok, so I downloaded (legally) "The Covering" by Stryper..... and it FREAKIN' ROCKS!! And once again, their tone kills! I seen a Facebook post where they said the Mark V was killing in the studio, but around that time they got endorsed by Line 6 and were using the DT50 amps (which are Line 6's best sounding amps BTW). So I'm wondering what amps were used on "The Covering"... Mesa, Line 6 or both?
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