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  1. Roland Cube 60...It's fairly cheap, very loud and the AC-30 channel is just down right fantastic.
  2. Differences...in no particular order. 1) RC-20XL requires two FS-5U pedals to scroll up and down between individual phrases. YMMV of course but for giggles let's say an additional $65.00 over the cost of the unit. It also requires a PSA 120. Giggles again but lets say $20.00. This of course (cost wise) begins to narrow the distance. 2) The RC-50 is stereo in and out. Again YMMV but if you choose to do a solo or duo act live and in stereo this lets you put stereo reverb, delay, chorus etc before the loop and helps create a sound field. I find mixing and matching stereo and mono files to be interesting in a live environment. Further the advantages for home recording is obvious. 3) The RC-50 has a usb input. I can "noodle" around in Pro Tools, create some very usable and unique Stylus loops and simply import them into the RC-50. It's very easy to dedicate one of the three phase slots to rhythm oriented loops only and build around that. 4) The RC-50 has stereo headphones. It's nice for all the obvious reasons but also easier to be critical of sounds and loops and ideas "before" I attempt to spring them of the world. Plus it's so easy to setup a late night session as I have found my loop experiments tend to annoy my court-yard neighbors. 5) The RC-50 is noticeably more intuitive. I've said this before but the real masters of live looping are thinking musicians. A couple of beers and my live looping skills go out the window. Intuitive is good. Further the step through process, mainly because there are MORE dedicated pedals with dedicated functions is much easier to navigate. 6) Certainly the RC-50 has a pretty great sounding set of drum loops built in. I never touch em but for some it's of great value. 7) The RC-50 has master output control over all three phase tracks. Every room, every environment is different. The ability to reach down and adjust output is (on some nights) priceless. These are just a few of the differences. If you've even mildly considered the RC-50 over the RC-20XL...take the plunge. They are worlds and worlds apart especially when you consider the price difference (RC-20's pedal inclusive). Hope that helps
  3. Originally posted by joestanman every. eagles. album. That's a most interesting response! I'm curious as to what elements are bad in all Eagles recordings!?
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