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  1. Did I mention I am using a PC?
  2. thank you Kbeaumont---great points - I think some of issues is the drives which I am currently resetting up drive locations to external. I have 8GB ram and a 2016 computer so I think its just a drive issue now--kinda reminds me of when I ma n mountain biking and the chain skips--lol
  3. thanks for taking the time and responding Phil...I am using it store my recording data as I run the recording software. Basically I want to have the data on one drive and the samples on another. Then all of then I will back up on a separate drive. I have done the old drives from my older computers into cases for backups as well(but they lack the capacity). SSD drives are a bit higher in cost right now and because of less moving parts most say it is a safe bet(but the longevity is still up in the air). I will most likely use an HDD drive with ac power and connect via USB or firewire. Does that sound good? And I am thinking G tech or glyph as a product...thoughts? Thanks again
  4. great info - I appreciate you taking the time---I will continue to research as well and see what will work best---to eleven!
  5. Hello all, I hope we are turning everything up to eleven!! I was wondering about your thoughts about a good external hard drive music production. Thank you---to eleven!! :cool:
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