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  1. Nice playing, but the guitar sounded a little dead and lifeless. Strings? Pickups? Just sounded kind of "bleeeeh" to my ears.
  2. Oh, that's tough..... Mike Oldfield springs to mind..... then Zappa.
  3. I agree completely with Bucks somewhere up there. I teach on occassion, and belive the first thing you do as a teacher, is watch and talk. See where the student's level is, what chords, what scales, or even do they know the names of the note on the fretboard. Then after covering that, we go into scales and modes, then eventually, start working on chords. Songs, I don't teach.Thats for them to learn on their own to reinforce what I have been showing.
  4. If it's a Dual sound, the added switch shuold be Phase. The pickup isn't wired for series/parallel.
  5. Ok Leisure, it IS the same thing. Just as Applause is Ovation's "import" like in acoustics, it was the same as in electrics. Most are Korean made, more than likely by either Cort or Sammick, probably plywood, (Or from the asian "laminate" tree.) and in general, not bad playing guitars.
  6. badpenguin

    Washburn Raven

    I LOVE this beast! First of all, it looks so damn cool! especially with the finish, and that "Wear spandex, and plug me into a Marshall" look it has. And the sounds from the 3 hums, very retro. And yes, it's an Uncle Matt, so what can be wrong with it?
  7. Overall, it's a nice guitar AFTER the work done to it. It has a nice warm mellow tone, and looks great! Yes, I had to modify it a bit, but I would do the same to a $3,000 Gibson. My attitude is simple; Blowtorch or bandsaw, If it's not right, make it right for you.
  8. For me, it's one of the nicest playing guitars I have ever laid my grubby paws on, much less owned! I have had Gibbys in the past, some very nice ones, but prefer this to the over priced stuff gibson puts out today.
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guitar! Aside from my two gripes, out of the box, it's a killer guitar for cheap. (399 street price in USD) Now considering I paid 80 USD for it, and the changes I did, I think it will be buried with me, along side my Gary Kramer Simulator T, and my Manoman paul clone! I am being dead serious, when I say that with some personalizing tweeks, and good pickups, you would feel the same.
  10. For the money you can't beat it. 400 new, 200 generally used, it's one of the best bagains around. For most, it will be perfect the way it is, but I always mod my guitars to match that sound in my head. You can't go wrong!
  11. badpenguin

    Arbor Strat

    For the money, you can't beat these older guitars from Japan and Korea. Yes, Arbor produced some terrible guitars in their early days. But when they copied, they did it quite well! Solid wood, a baseball bat like neck, no fretboard, it reminds me of a '55 strat I had the pleasure of repairing. Same kind of feel and tone, at 1/1000th of the price!
  12. badpenguin

    SX SX SJM-62

    Remeber, this is a "disposable" beginners guitar, made in China, and sold for 150 new. So of you are expecting custom shop perfection, it ain't there. BUT.... For the money, you can't beat it. Much better than the Squire's and damn close to equal to the MIM Fenders. Yeah, I am sure a bad one may pass thru, but every one I have played was sweet. AFTER setting up to my specs.
  13. Before tweaking, it was good. Ugly, but good. Decent sound, decent neck, and not a bad little beasty. After the refinish and the rebuild, (The aforementioned refinish, rebuild on the electronics, a new bone nut, fret polishing, etc etc.) it's a sleeper. It looks like a typical BC Rich, but will out play and out sound most things out there. The build quality is great, ,much better than the modern re-re-reissues frpm China. The neck is FANTASTIC!!!! Most don't realize that benard Rico was a classical guitarist. His early necks reflect that. If you see one, grab it. Pure and simple.
  14. With the exception of the jacks, this is the perfect amp for most adult guitarist. With a pedal, i am sure you could do death metal with it, but just as a amp to grab and go with. I can't find a fault with it. The clean sparkles, the dirty can get you anyrthing you desire, and you know what kind of guitar you are playing thru it, what more can you possibly need?
  15. badpenguin

    Hondo Iceman Copy

    Been playing guitar seriously now for around 10 years, with 20 years of bass playing behind me. I have more electrics, than most small shops have, something around 30 or so, and have a guitar tech for 20 years. I have everything from a 65 non reverse firebird, to a Gary Kramer Stimulator, to a Carvin H2, to a 68 teisco gretch copy. I know my guitars.
  16. badpenguin

    Carvin H2T

    It's a killer guitar, pure and simple. Not made for everyone mind you. If you're into metal, or heavy distortion, look elsewhere. This is a guitar that craves articulaion and precision. Clean tones, or just a bit of dirt, it shimmers. Adding the coil taps and the tremel-no, improved the guitar vastly. It's a tie as to which is the most precise guitar I have ever touched. (The other being the Gary Kramer Simulator T.) I have some 30 guitars and basses, and I have been playing some 30 odd years. I am a guitar tech, and have a bit of experience. Abosultely a killer guitar! Each note is perfectly precise and articulate. Chords shimmer with a piano like clarity, and yet, it can get a bit dirty. Simply put, I doubt you can find a guitar this good for less that 2 to 3 grand.
  17. This is truly a killer guitar! Incredible low action, tone for days, with some great sustain. It tells you what it wants to play, and will make you play it better. The company who builds them, Peerless, now has it's own brand, and are every bit as nice athe Epiphones. I have over 30 guitars and basses. Everything from a 65 non reverse Firebird, to a Gary Kramer Simulator T, to a 1990 Ibanez Sabre 540, to 4 diferent Samicks. And odds and end between. Yes, I'm guitarded, and proud of it.
  18. Other than the supplied pickups, this is a surprisingly good guitar. The balancwe is great, neither heavy nor too light, with a really comfortable neck. it's a GREAT value new, even better used.
  19. It's a great guitar, pure and simple. I have a lot of guitars and basses, 28 as we speak, and know what makes a great guitar. This is one of the reasons that there was a law suit in the first place! Plays as well as the original american guitar it was copied from.
  20. It's a great guitar, short and simple. So much better that the supposedly "Real" Fenders, that Fender should take lessons from them. I was looking for that vintage tone, and I refused to spend $1600 for an American Deluxe. For a $120 for the Samick, It's so much better. My loves: the tone, feel and looks. Dislikes, none. It is a bit of the stiff feel with a set of 10's on it, but if you're used to a old Fender from the 50's or 60's, then you'll love it. If I could find another one, I'd get it in a heartbeat. I have 28 guitars and basses right now, ranging froma 65 non reverse firebird, to a 2007 Gary Kramer Simulator. and everything between. Samick builds some GREAT guitars, but has no respect. That needs to change
  21. Too many guitars to list. Everything from a 65 non reverse firebird, to a chinese strat clone, to a Gary Kramer Simulator, to a Santucci 10 string bass. Overall it's a great clone. it's basically an Epiphone, (Samick builds the epi's for Gibson) but a good one. If it had a Epi headstock, you see it for $700 easily. but because it's a "no-name", it's looked down upon. (Which is hysterical, since Samick builds the most guitars than everyone else. Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, have all used Samick to build for them.)
  22. I started playing bass about 28 years ago. I still play a bit live, but mostly do my own recordings. It's my perfect bass. Is it yours? That depends. Try one and put it thru it's paces and see if it fits your style. There's nothing I hate about it, just one minor whine: setting the mute on it is a bit of a pain with those tiny screws. I have a Brice 6 string fretless, and a Yamaha 250II. I rarely touch them. Why when I have perfection?
  23. I think it's the best amp in it's price range, and compares well with others in the 800 range. I tried many different amps before finding tis gem. Peavey Valve King, (Too much distortion on the clean channel) Crate 32, (If I found one that worked, I may have gotten one. I tried 6, and they were all shot. GC, go figure.) Mesa 5.25 (WAY too much hiss for a 1000 + amp.) Marshall half stack. (If I wanted all my guitars to sound the same, then maybe.) Traynor, (BRILLIANT! Just a bit too much for my budget.) and a Victoria (2500 for a 60 watt princeton. Yea, right.) this was that perfect fit. the only thing I wish it had, was a bit more on the bright switch. other than that, I'm extremely happy.
  24. Because of this guitar, I am getting ready to sell a bunch of my other guitars! Probably around 10 of them. It just one of the most perfect things ever devised by man. 20 years from now, it will hold the same awe that a 52 tele or a 58 paul has today! Everything I love, and there's nothing to hate. It's perfectly balanced, beautifuly articulate, and makes a statement out of the case. "Look at me for I am the future, and I will destroy you." Pity the operson who touches this, much less steals it. I plan on getting another one, the model with the Floyd, and if he ever makes a bass version, that too.
  25. I've 25 guitars and basses, ranging from a 65 non reverse Firebird, to a 05 Squier tele. I've played $50 made in Japan crap, and a $250,000 58 Paul burst. If I haven't owned it, I've worked on it. I would reccommend one of these over a Gibson in a heartbeat! Save a $1000 or so, and get one of these!
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