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  1. 41 minutes ago, MesaMonster said:

    Is there any particular era I should stay away from?

    No. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't a clue. Every year had good ones, brilliant ones, and crap. Each guitar is an individual. Think of it as such, and you'll do fine. Just play a few to see which is best for you.

  2. Exactly what Mr Grumpy said. 

    The roller/lock nut combo is just plain redundant. No need for one, if the other is used. 

    Cap values, .47 .22 all standard and 500K pots, exactly what's needed.

    Pickups. All depends on your playing style. Metal, harder edge rock, Higher output pickups. Examples being Duncan Nazghul, Dimeback, ect ect. More standard rock style, the 59, Jazz, Dimarzio Super distortion, Lawrence XL500, the list is near endless. REMEMBER to add a ground from the floyd to a pot. EMG's don't have this.

    I would go with a single coil sized humbucker in the neck, with a push/pull tone knob for series/parallel. (Gives you as humbucker, or a nice quiet single coil sound.)  If you are really interested in different tones, go with a FREEWAY 6 way toggle switch. Series/Parallel, phase, normal, all with a flick of a finger. I have one on a Ibanez RS330. (single neck/single neck +bridge/out of phase neck and bridge/humbucker neck,/both humbuckers/humbucker bridge.)

    Home - freewayswitch


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  3. Let's try something even simpler here: The slot of the saddle on the bridge might be the culprit. It's 50 years old, may have worn down. Hit a note on the E string while holding pressure behind the bridge on that string. If it rings normally, boom, you have your answer.

  4. 22 hours ago, 1001gear said:

    Why then does KSI turning down one vol. result in the sound disappearing?

    Gibson style wiring, 2 vol and 2 tones, when you lower one vol to zero with the 3 way switch in the middle, it kills the volume. Both signals go to ground when the pot is at zero. The mod I mentioned is called decoupling. It stops that from happening. 

  5. 9 hours ago, 1001gear said:

    Ok what's the reason for the global volume anyway? Do you still have play with front rear balance?

    I have no idea what you are asking. The mod I mentioned allows you to turn one volume all the way down, without affecting the other pickup when in the middle position on the three way switch.

    "Global volume"... I assume you mean a Master volume? Not mentioned at all in the thread. And "front rear balance" ? With any guitar with 2 volumes you have that option.

  6. 32 minutes ago, gardo said:

    Happy Birthday, I think you’re officially an old fart now. Don’t worry so am I 

    I like the Ibanez a lot. You are correct on the bridge . Why they do that I don’t know. 
    What do you mean by a “ floating laminate top’ on the LP type?

    Yep, I'm an old fart.


    Anyway, on the goldtop, think of how a Paul is built. A flat piece of maple is glued to a flat piece of mahogany. The top is then carved into the arch we all know and love. On this, and many other Ibanez's of the period, a laminate (plywood) top is steam pressed into the arch shape, then glued to a flat top of mahogany. The edges are the only thing actually glued to the mahogany, the arch part "floats". It gives more of a 335 styled tone, then the completely solid sound of a Paul.

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  7. That old birthday monster came to visit me 2 weeks ago. So that means some new toys to help deal with the pain of aging non-gracefully. Went down to my fav shop, and came home with these two beasties.


    First on the left is an 2016 IBANEZ AF-71. Part of the Artcore series, made for a couple of years, and forgotten about. Nice playing jazz box, completely hollow, floating mini hum in the neck, controls on the pick guard, decent playing beast. Sounds a bit boxy unplugged, but better thru an amp. I plan on replacing the bridge with a nice ebony one, and a bone nut. (Metal tun-a-matic on an archtop is the Devil's tool for messing with the proper tone of a jazz box.)


    Secondly, is a circa 1970 WILSON & SONS Lawsuit Paul copy. Solid mahogany body, floating laminate top, Duncan 59 in the bridge, original in the neck. Had to replace the tone pot on the neck pickup, and the tuners. This was the rare case of the tuners being the sole issue of staying in tune. GARBAGE!!  I took the pickguard off, and plan to put another on, since the original sat on the pickup rings, and every time I hit the high "E" string, there was an annoying "plink". I don't need anything like that to make my playing more crappy, thank you very much. NOTHING is known about the Wilson & Sons brand. Wilson was a maker of classical guitars in Japan, with the help of one of the Yari children. Highly regarded despite coming from Japan in the 60's and 70's. The electrics, nothing is said. I would bet money that it's a Fuji Gen Gakki creations, sharing a few features from the early Ibanez's of that time.



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  8. Love the way they played, really dug the sound out of the pickups, with a near perfect neck. GREAT guitar, MINUS the weight of them! They all averaged well over 10 lbs. Standing, it would kill your back, sitting, it would cut off circulation to your foot and leg. Which is why I'll never have another one. 

  9. You know, I don't know if it's the sh!tty day at work talking, but you really come off as an condensing a$$. "Poop"? Really? Music you don't like is poop, and yet others are "artistic" (Are you the same one who worships at the house of Blackmore? Shudder.... He had his 15 minutes of fame 40 years ago.)

    If someone disagrees with your high and mighty opinion, you tell them to write in crayon. You insult people, and their opinions, and bitch about how people come to this forum and ask about pickup changes. This forum was BUILT by those people! What gives you the right to insult those people?


    Mods, if I stepped over the line, I apologize, but sometimes things need to be said.

  10. Come on, be honest. They are SALESPEOPLE not consumers nor are they *gasp* musicians. They are simply selling a product they were endorsed to sell. They try to sell you the fact that they are "objective" but they aren't. They are not Siskel and Ebert, they are Lily from ATT. 

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  11. I have a Tonepros wrap around, and while I hate it for needing stupid tools that destroy a finish, it sits perfectly with no buzz from it. I have a Wilkenson on another guitar, that does buzz a hint. I just haven't made the effort to shim it yet.

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