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  1. Ok little boy. Perhaps you should lay off the coffee and self righteousness, and read INTO what W was saying. He's not knocking, or should I say wasn't knocking, since the thread is almost 8 years old, Chinese guitars in general. I know he has a few, and a few bodies and necks, some are good, others crap. He was knocking the makers, and "RESELLERS" of said GIBSON, FENDER and yes, your much beloved PRS replica guitars. And here is the reason: (Which is quite plain if you bothered to read the entire thread.) You may buy it, knowing it's a copy. You may sell it, saying quite plainly that it's a copy, the next person may try to pass it off as real, and make 1000, 1500, whatever, profit by lying to that 19 year old kid buying his first "real" guitar. I can spot a fake Paul from 30 feet away. My wife, who plays keys, can spot it from 10 feet away. Can you spot a fake? If I handed you that PRS you wanted, and a replica, would you know the difference? Wouldn't you be a bit pissed if you saw that guitar you wanted on CL for 5K, and got it, only to discover you could have gotten it from Aliexpress for 349 plus shipping? THAT was his point. And, whilst thinking about it, since you are a social worker and care about the masses of poor and destitute people, why not buy a guitar NOT made in a country known for it's mistreatment of it's population? South Korea comes to mind, Japan too. And before we lose more of our civil rights, America also.
  2. Thank you one and all! No Daddy, the Aria wasn't in the "bargain bin" but it wasn't stupidly priced either. After the normal chest beating, insults to ones intelligence, and the final grunting out a price, I paid 500USD with original case for it. Worth every penny in my opinion, especially after playing the 1960 ES335 he had. Great guitar, but not worth the 40X price difference! the Encore had a bolt on neck that someone in it's past glued in. Yeeeeaaaaahh… my thoughts too, but it's cool and fun. I do have a set of Ric pickups I may throw in there.
  3. Just looking at the fret markers, yep, she's a Samick. Should be a serial number on a label in the body somewhere. Should start with a "S". Nice find!
  4. Hey all. first off, interesting to start a post that hasn't been rehashed from 12 years ago. At least there's some sort of life here, but does zombie count as life? Anyway... Been busy selling off some of the herd, paying off bills, and bought a couple to fill in the missing places on the wall. (yeah, I know, lame excuse but whatever works, right? 😀) In December, had to go down to Orlando area to pick up some stuff for work, and while down there decided that my fav store was 20 minutes away, why not go and pick thru the parts bin? And sitting in the back of the store, cruddy strings, blackened goop covered frets, and dust bunnies on the verge of discovering fire in the F holes was this piece of majestic Japanese craftsmanship, a 1977 Aria Pro II ES700. Everything about it is sheer perfection. From the nib covered fret ends, the A2 magnets in the pickups, action, tone, playability, and the certain "something" that special guitars seem to have, all called out to me. It's a major keeper. On the way home from that same trip, drove by a yard sale, and lo and behold, saw a headstock sticking up from behind a set of golf clubs. A few minutes of talking with the owner, whose kid wanted it, played it for 2 days, covered it in stickers, and tossed in under the bed where it sat for near 17 years. $20 USD later, yes, you read right $20, a 2003 Ibanez IC200. (3 days of Goof Off and cleaning, the stickers are just a bad memory. ) A SD 59 in the neck, and a Pearly Gates in the bridge makes me VERY happy! The next one was a Christmas gift from my beloved wife. a 1968-70 Encore MIJ Ric 330/12 copy. Needed new tuners in the worst way, some setup, and a set of 8 to 40 12 strings, and she plays, well, nice-ish, kinda, sorta. Stringing it made me realize just WHY they are NOT the most popular guitar on the planet! And finally, found this poor neglected 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded in a pawn shop. Repaired headstock, chambered, so it weighs less then a truck (Maybe 8 lbs. soaking wet.) and really plays incredibly well. AND the original hard-shell case for $300USD!
  5. It's POSSIBLE that someone took a 320, and added the fret markers. It's just not in the style of Ibanez. They are kinda ugly.
  6. I've never seen that inlay on any of the SZ series. The 320 has small dots. the 52o a flame like thing at the 12th fret, and the 720 has little flame like things, and a big one on the 12th fret. In fact, I have never seen those inlays on ANY Ibanez guitar.
  7. No, it's a standard. Nothing special, unless you are into standards.
  8. badpenguin


    Ok, not really the proper forum, and very interesting title, But it will still use a standard wiring diagram as seen here. https://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-2-volumes-2-tones/ or https://guitarelectronics.com/humbuckers-3-way-lever-switch-2-volumes-2-tones-vintage/
  9. Ahh yes, that click bait sight, that never says anything worthwhile or new. And the first of the Gene Simmons Axe basses were made by Kramer, and later by Silvertone and finally Cort. How the mighty have fallen.....
  10. I find that most tone pots tend to start to become noticeable at about the 5 mark. Try replacing it with a 500K D pot. Used by Korean Ibanez's, I find they start to work at the 7 mark, and are very smooth in the response.
  11. A pawn shop, where else? WITH the hard case too!
  12. I just picked up an 07 Studio Faded with a headstock repair for 300. GREAT guitar!
  13. Having had a late 60's non reverse Firebird, gotta have another one. While the Explorer is a nice guitar, I always felt I was playing a table top with a neck attached.
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