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  1. Hey gang, I was wondering if anyone here tried out the "reissued" Fender Lead II & III. If so... What are your thoughts? I'm kinda digging the green Lead II. 😎
  2. Happy New Guitar Day! Very Nice!
  3. I like it, but i've hardly scratched the surface in all that its capable of as I've gotten real busy shortly after adding that piece to my collection. I don't have any experience with the SH-101 so i wouldn't be able to compare the two. I just started a 4 day weekend off from work, hoping to fire up the boxes and refresh myself on how to program them.... it's been a while. I'm pretty intrigued by the videos i've seen on the JU-06A, that unit seems fun. Sounds like a pretty nice set up you've got there!
  4. I believe the TD-3 can only be programmed in the original fashion unlike the TB-03 which has two ways to program it.... i could be mistaken.
  5. I discovered the RolandBoutiques after they had been out for some time. The TR-09 and a few others were was already discontinued by the time i was aware of these. I've got the TR-08, TB-03 & SH-01a with the K25m keyboard dock, these units are a lot of fun!
  6. I just picked up this sweet guitar the other day, it's a Danelectro '63 (2015) She's in excellent condition, and for the price... I couldn't pass her up!
  7. The fretboard is pau ferro
  8. It's very similar in sound and feel. Its semi-hollow, has the aluminum nut and Danelectro NOS+ pickups. Sounds a lot like my U2. I'm really digging the offset body style.
  9. The Danelectro '67 came out a few years back, I've always been intrigued by them... I just added this beauty to my collection.
  10. Hey Gang, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with the Danelectro Stock '59. What are your thoughts? I'm digging this aquamarine finish.
  11. Here's a brand new song from One Adam 12 called Stepping Out! Thanks for listening. https://oneadam12.bandcamp.com/track/stepping-out-sophomore-jinx-one-adam-12
  12. Here's a song based on George Romero's Night of the Living Dead https://oneadam12.bandcamp.com/track/alive-undead
  13. I was wondering if anyone here has had a chance to try one of the Lars Frederikson LTD Volsung guitars. I saw Rancid in NY last month, and I've been intrigued by the guitar.
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