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  1. I've been playing for 35 years, as an amateur: rock, pop, jazz, praise and worship. I've had Ibanez Les Pauls ( just as good as Gibsons!), Gibson ES 335s( what a great axe), American Standard Strats, and played all kinds of lesser known brands. I have never, ever had a guitar that I've enjoyed playing more than this PRS SE. Before I had bought this guitar, I wish I had seen the back, because black is not my favorite choice for a guitar, but after a year of owning it, it's grown on me and I really think it's sexy. She can be sweet, yet surly when needed, even better than I expected, I love playing this guitar, and it's a great fit with my 30 watt Peavey Delta Blues 210. I would recommend this guitar for anyone who does not want to spend a grand or more on a guitar, yet wants the same quality as one at 1/3rd the price, with a vintage sound. Awesome tonal qualities, from sensuous to snarling, this baby can do most genres, and do it pretty well. It is a real Blues, Hard Rock, Jazz, R & B, Pop slugger. I'll bet she can even do Metal, with a Tube Screamer in front of her! Should come with a hard shell case, since the quality is so good!
  2. IMHO, after 35 years of playing Fender Twins, Music Man ( Frickin awesome amps), Marshalls, this Peavey Delta Blues 210 is one of the best amps I've found for under $1000.00. Would I rather have a 100 watt Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster w/ 2X12s? Sure; but if i'm having to pay 4-6 times more than I did for this amp: not on your life! With mods, this amp has cost me about $355.00. It's all the amp I need for Classic & Hard Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, for small to medium venues. You want to play Shea Stadium? Stick an SM57 in front of it! It does it all, except maybe Heavy Metal. But with the right pedals, it will do that, too. I don't see myself selling this amp. The combination of sound quality, variety, coupled with light weight and LOUD volume with good headroom on the clean channel, creamy reverb, useable tremolo, and very good distortion makes this DB 210 a keeper for me. Buy one. They have been discontinued. I promise you you'll be happy with her.
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