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I'm 60 yr. old and came out of my Mom with a pair of drumsticks. That's obviously 1/2 kidding, but I literally can't remember when I was NOT absolutely rabid about music and drums. I'm from a small town in eastern NC, the same town T. Monk was born in. Funny thing is nobody knew who he was until maybe 20-30 years ago, and he just had a historic marker put up for him maybe 10 years ago. I will defend this bassackwards town from the aspect that it has more hot musicians per capita than most towns that size. I went to a pretty reputable music school, East Carolina Univ., but dropped so I could go to the school of hard knocks out on the road for about 5 years. After I learned what I thought the road could offer I moved back home. Since then I've strived to learn everything I can about MIDI, drum and other sequencing techniques, and digital audio recording. I'll admit I've never worked on a true studio desk, but I have a pretty damn good musical ear according to my best musician friends. Right now, I'm trying to start my drummers' blog and I'm simply going around offering friendly advice when and wherever I can. Hope to meet you along the way.

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