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  1. The music lives on. Joao Gilberto passed this week and his gifts to us will be played and enjoyed as long as there is a body to play a song.
  2. I'm not so sure computers are the best investment. Anyone using them is constantly buying in new hardware and new programs as 16 bit changes to 64 bit, 128 bit and beyond. Programmers make new programs requiring more memory and faster machines every day. Besides, no one computes on these things unless they're rocket scientists. Even the name has become obsolete.But, we live in a wonderful world of music where creators and consumers have access and tools to create and listen to just about everything. I can write a song and publish it in a day if I'm lucky. I can listen to any thing performed in the last 100 years at almost anytime I want. My preference is for analog devices pushing air, but the digital realm makes the air that is pushed a whole lot more fun.
  3. There's still a lot of interest in the creative music explosion of the 60's and later. Good music is still good music after you pierce the pop music over production veil. There's also a phenomena noted by a few psychologists where we tend to latch on to the music of our teens, whenever that was. The old fogey complaining about today's music is missing the music that he or she grew up on.
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