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  1. I still have my seafoam green Sanatoga '335' hanging on a wall. Almost never play it anymore, but it's an ok guitar, Chinese manufacture. Sanatoga was the 'house brand' guitar for a music store/internet seller in the eastern US, can't quite remember their name, maybe something like Musicland? I don't know if they were rebadged Jay Tursers, but quite possibly.
  2. As you might expect, I have quite a few 'Backlund' guitars, but as odd as it might seem, I don't play any of them, they just hang on a wall. I have three guitars that are played on a daily basis, and that's about it. They are my Kala thinline acoustic/electric nylon-string classical, my Gretsch resonator, and my 2001 Fender MIM telecaster.
  3. You are correct, my own Retronix 800 does not have chrome buckers....sometimes one cannot see his nose in front of his face. Thanks for the correct info, Bruce
  4. The Retronix 800 had two chrome humbuckers. As for the three 'speedline' cutouts in the guard, for some reason that I never understood, they omitted that feature on some Retronix 800 pickguards, but not others, I don't know by what proportion though.
  5. I haven't seen any lefties of this guitar, at least where I've been looking, so can't definitely say ( but I kinda doubt it). I probably would have bought a red one, but the Amazon dealer who had the $169 deals on these only had the vintage 'tobacco burst' and a natural (blonde?) finish available. If the one they send me is a decent guitar, I might buy a blonde one too if they're still available in a week.
  6. Thank you. It's going to be a loaded HNGD week, besides the Dano 12 coming on the 30th, I have that cheapo Grote thinline hollowbody supposedly showing up on Tuesday the 28th. Uh-oh, for some stupid reason, my credit card purchase of the Grote didn't go through, though there's certainly enough 'headroom' available to buy a cheapo guitar, so....I cancelled that order, and re-ordered the same guitar tonight, this time using a bank debit card. It will push the delivery date back one day to Wednesday, the 29th.
  7. I'll post some photos of the actual 'Grote' that shows up on the porch next Tuesday as well as my initial impression of it. Crap or cool, it'll be interesting either way.
  8. I've just been watching some reviews of this model on YouTube, and they're generally quite positive about it. Maybe it'll be a keeper.....it could happen.
  9. I'm not paying much for it, so even though I don't really like wasting money, I figure the risk is probably worth taking. If it's crap, it's crap, and I'll have a $180 wallhanger.
  10. Doesn't matter I guess, I bought one anyway. If it's any kind of 'playable', it's going to be a great deal for only $179 shipped, be on the porch next Tuesday. It has a kind of retro 'hardscrabble' look that should lend itself well to doing songs like 'Man of constant sorrow', 'You are my Sunshine', and maybe even 'He's in the jailhouse now' with...maybe you can tell I recently watched 'Brother Where Art Though?' again.
  11. Hmmm, never heard of a 'Purple Prince'. The only Backlund guitar model that had a purple finish that I was aware of was the old Retronix R-800 from the JBD co. It was an import version of the original model 800 built in Chattanooga some years ago. I have one example of that Retronix model, a pearl seafoam green one, maybe the one you are referring to was similar to it...
  12. Musicians Friend. I think it's being shipped from a Kansas City store.
  13. Ordered a new Danelectro 12 string as a present to myself, but it was on sale for $299 with free shipping, so it's not like I needed much as an excuse.
  14. Hmmm, they're not showing the new 800 offset there. I have one coming in a few weeks (I think) in the questionably beautiful 'Oliveburst' finish.
  15. Nice, but I've always been leery of those $20,000+ oil and filter changes....oh, that's a Chiron, I was thinking about the Veyron, probably even more then.
  16. Yes, in two versions, the 'standard' 400, and the DLX model with the Deusenberg Les Trem and a few extra holes in the plastic pickguard thingy.
  17. That drawing was what became the model 400, and was produced with two more or less standard humbuckers placed in a normal vertical position. Slanted pickups were never used on the actual guitar.
  18. What did I say back then, Bruce?..."Knock yourself out"?
  19. Yes, all are production models....now, but a dozen or so years ago, they were just pencil sketches that I posted on the old Harmony Central Electric Guitar forum. What would become 'Backlund' guitars were first seen here as embryonic pencil doodles. Bruce Bennett was the one who stepped forward and built the first prototypes, as well as all of the following JBD guitars. The rest, as they say, is history.
  20. It's a strange one, that's for sure, but it looks a little better in wood and metal....I think....ok, now I'm not so sure...
  21. Yep, it's a lot better as a stand-up guitar than a sitting one...
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