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  1. you got to at least post some prices?? Denny
  2. got a price and some pictures? Please email to: dbonanzam@bluefrets.com thanks
  3. first - I apologize for not posting pictures as my files are to big to allow posting. Please contact me for pix. I can,t change my post to receive an email for replys (nice goin HC!!) so PLEASE let me know you've replied or just reply to my email - sorry for the confusion. dbonanzam@bluefrets.com This is Mesa's best kept secret and best sounding amp (IMHO). 99.9% dead mint. It is a Dual Rectifier meaning you can switch from tube rectifier to solid state rectifier. There are not many of these for sale as most people hold onto them. New toooobs throughout. 2 Original Celestion V-30 speakers (made in ENGLAND). Comes with footswitch, casters, and Mesa Cover. This amp has been nicknamed "The Poor Man's Dumble" It 's tone is so close to the Dumble Overdrive, it's hard to tell the difference!!! It has the best clean sound of any Mesa to date. The overdrive channel is incredible!! From crunch to that singing, violin sounding Santana sustain. Smooth, Creamy, and very touch sensitive. Some of you are probably saying"...yea - if it's so great, why are you selling it?" I have back problems and 2x12's are a bit more than I can carry. I am the second owner and I've had it for about 8 years. Asking $900.00 or B.O. Will trade for a 1x12 amp with reverb and channel switching. Please - no imports unless it comes from England.- I'm thinking Mesa, Marshall, Maybe Carvin, boooteek amps, etc... You will NOT be disappointed with this baby!!! Denny www.bluefrets.com
  4. This is one of the first batches of BC Rich USA built Mockingbird BLANKS that was shipped over to Japan to be completed with the name BC Rico. Also - this is not the crap they are selling thes days. Email me with offers - must include pix of the guitar you are offering. Looking for: Faded SG, or other guitars. I'm "stratted out" - so unless there's something different about your straat - I'm not interested.
  5. This is the real thing. Just re-capped, re-tubed and brought back to specs by Bill Carruth. NO issues what so ever. Great tone. Even has the highly sought-after Fender Alnicos. Just too heavy for my knees and back. It also has an interesting lineage - YouTube "Thermos Greenwood" - very cool player. What else can I say? Will trade for a 1x12 combo of like value - must have reverb and channel switching. NO HEADS, HEAD/CAB, or any other configuration than a 1x12: Mesa, Marshall, Fender Deluxe Reverb, booteek, etc....No Imports except for UK built. I might consider selling for $1700.00 including pro packaging and shipping.
  6. In Excellent condition w/non-original footswitch. Own a piece of history - sounds great. I need a higher gain 1x12 COMBO w/reverb and channel switching - nothing else - must be USA/UK built - no imports please. Denny from TGP and www.bluefrets.com
  7. Man if I were younger and able to haul that cab around I'd consider it but I'm an old fart and have done my share of "luggin" thanks D.
  8. About 20 years old - NOT A REISSUE. w/footswitch. Excellent condition. Will trade for either a Gretsch Hollow body w/bigsby or a 1x12 USA/UK built higher gain TUBE combo - ie: Marshall, Mesa etc...... MUST HAVE REVERB AND CHANNEL SWITCHING
  9. Hi - Denny from Vermont here (TGP) - would you trade the Mackies for a 99% MINT USA built EBMM Axis Super Sport in transparent orange/gold/honey? Email me for pix dbonanzam@myfairpoint.net D.
  10. 'nother bump will sell outright for 1150.00 shipped and PP'd.
  11. Dennyvt

    remove please

    Hi Any interest in this? Denny
  12. thanks for the offer, but I've got a Mccarty - beautiful guitar though. Denny
  13. this is one sweet guitar - not a scratch! 5-way switching, birds eye neck, w/OHSC New they are selling for about $1700.00 Looking for tube combos (1x12) of equal value, marshall, Fender, Mesa, Dr. Z, Etc..... Show me what you've got to trade. USA/UK -built ONLY - Denny __________________ www.bluefrets.com
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