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  1. $225 - Local Sale Only - Chicagoland


    I had this custom-made for me by a guy in Portsmouth, VA.


    It features an Eminence Deltalite II 2512 Neo 12" driver with a Galaxy Audio Neo 5" driver. It is rated at 250 watts RMS at 8 ohms.


    I got this from the builder, if it means anything to you:

  2. $365 shipped to lower 48.


    Bought this new for $499 about a year ago. It's left my house three times: once to rehearsal and twice to gigs. My loss is your gain.


    It comes with what you see in the pictures. No printed manual as I can't find it, but I do have a copy of it in PDF.


    Price is firm (which I believe is very fair).







  3. A friend is looking for a customized strap for her friend. Her budget is ~$100 or so. I'm not sure what she wants to put on the strap; I just know she'd like to personalize it.


    Any recommendations for online sites or physical stores in the Chicago area?



  4. There are a lot of really good cabs out there. I'm a huge fan of the GenzBenz Neo series. I gigged tonight with my 212 at a fest in Norridge.


    BTW, I scoped you out on Facebook and realize that we have a friend/acquaintance in common!!!

  5. newrig01a.jpg


    Unit is in excellent working condition...includes manual but not original box.


    It has never been racked but has been gigged with.



    $425 shipped in the US to the Lower 48 with Postal Money Order!

    Paypal: $435


    While I don't think this really needs to be said, this ad is for the GK only.

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