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    crate G600 XL

    I've been playing for 11 years now and I've had a lot of different amps. Marshall Valvestates, Fender SS amps, Fender tube amps, a Sovtek Midget Mig, Carvins, a Randall, etc. This amp does not compare to many of them but you get a lot of bang for your buck out of it. I would not hesitate to gig with it. I needed a cheap solid state amp that could do distorted tones fairly well. I scowered ebay for a long time and read the reviews on this amp here on HC. I think Crate did something right with the G600XL series. I'm not terribly impressed with the newer Crate equipment. They just can't nail modeling like a lot of other companies can IMO and their new stuff just looks like plastic toys. This one is a keeper. I wish I could find a footswitch for it.
  2. Rusty_Chains


    I wanted to update my review above. I originally posted that the pickups, especially the stock humbucker, were weak. This isn't entirely true. I had replaced the bridge humbucker immediately thinking that it wasn't a good pu. I installed it into an Epiphone SG Special for fun and it had a really full and meaty sound. I liked it even more than the Lawrence pup I replaced it with so I swapped them back but this time I installed a 500K alpha pot in place of the small stock pot. I should have tried this before replacing the humbucker. The guitar sounds much better now and the stock humbucker is a lot better than I gave it credit for. It isn't a bad high output ceramic pickup. The single coils also sounded a lot better. With a setup and the following mods: bone nut, volume pot replacement, graphite string tree, this thing really is a great guitar. I give it a 8 out of 10 for the "bang for your buck" factor.
  3. Rusty_Chains


    I paid $121 shipped for this guitar. I was expecting a decent body and neck for that price. I got more than I bargained for. However, keep in mind that this is still a budget guitar. It is good for a budget guitar. I think the $200-$300 Squiers have better quality parts overall...but they are slightly more expensive. I would definitely gig with a modified SX and would buy another if it were lost.
  4. I have been playing for about 8 years and have tried a lot of pickups. Mainly Dimarzio and Seymour Duncans. My favorite combination thus far has been the Dimarzio Super Distortion and PAF Pro. I've been looking for something to compare to it with different qualities. GFS pickups are just that, different. They are unique in look and tonal properties. They react extremely well to your volume and tone controls. To this point I had been looking for a good slide tone. A pickup that was transparent enough to allow open notes to shine and keep distorted notes tight. The Dream 180 is what I was looking for. If you like classic rock, blues, or slide playing you will not be dissappointed. Plus, they are only $35.
  5. I have been playing guitar for about 8 years. I play a fusion of folk-rock/bottleneck blues/progressive acoustic music. I used to play resonators almost exclusively, but it is hard to amplify them and solid-body electrics just don't have the raw sound I was looking for. This led me to search for a transducer loaded acoustic and I found a soulmate in this guitar. As mentioned above, I love the sound of this guitar but it is not the loudest acoustic unplugged. However this makes it perform even better plugged in. Acoustics that are very vibrant tend to feedback heavilly when amplified, Alvarez is known for making guitars that react perfectly to rocking/piezo induced live situations, and their guitars are meant to be banged on and ran HOT. Monte Montgomery says it best: "My guitar is actually very quiet...unplugged." You buy Alvarez guitars to plug them in. Period. I run mine through a Laney GC50A with an MXR Dyna Comp and I'm in piezo heaven.
  6. I have been playing about 6 years. 2 1/2 years on slide, and the first 3 were really trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the guitar. Now that I have gotten more seriouse with my playing I know what I want. I have had enough gear to know what I like, especially with my unique style. This is a well setup guitar. I would pit it up against any Gibson SG or Telecaster I have played. It has the quality of a $800 guitar with features that some of these guitars just don't come with out of the box. I love Washburn's innovation. I love the Feiten and the VCC tap. Overall this is the nicest guitar I have picked up on a store shelf. The pickups could be a little hotter for my taste, but that isn't what the guitar was designed to do.
  7. I have been playing guitar for 7 years now, but started playing slide seriously last year after about a year off of the guitar. Primarilly in open tunings. I am extremely picky about my slide tone. I like a very trebly/biting Thorogood/ZZ Top/Jack Whiet like tone on the dirty channel and a crytal clear Fred McDowell tone out of the clean. This amp handles both very well. The reverb is also wonderful. The amp isn't perfect, but perfect for what I play. I suggest running a 2x12 cab with Celestions to go along with the combo. It adds a lot more clarity and depth to the combo. Note that the strat was the weakest guitar through the amp that I tried, and it is usually killer through my other amps. I honestly feel that the amp was made for Humbucker/Les Paul guitars. They sound amazing through them. ALSO, this amp is the LOUDEST frigging 40 watts I have ever heard in my life. On 3 would get you through a gig at a small club. If this amp were stolen, I would definitely buy another one. The Blues Deluxe is also an incredible amp but the Deluxe had more features so I went with it.
  8. Rusty_Chains

    Washburn WG-587

    I have been playing a little over two years and even though I am not that good and mainly play rythm I do know what sounds good and what has tone. This guitar has a {censored}load of tone. I also have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Dimarzios installed and a Fender Heavy Metal Strat with an Emg 81 and two SA single coils. I love these two guitars but this guitar plays just as good and has MORE output. I just love the added B string too. I know Seven Strings have a bad rap because people think that anyone who plays them are slackers....but if you have never tried one you shouldnt talk. They open up so many more possibilities. I used to think they were only for bands like KORN.........BULL{censored}.....they are awesome and this is the best one for the money out there bar none. I have played so many washburns in stores and they were all awesome and this one is the best one yet. AND FOR 375 YOU CAN AFFORD IT.......BUY THIS GUITAR NOW!!!!!!!! IF IT WAS STOLEN I WOULD BUY 2!!!
  9. I have been playing guitar a little over 2 years now. I am also a drummer so I mainly concentrate and play rythm because I am better at than playing a million notes a minute. I will leave that to my shred head friend. I also have a Fender Heavy Metal Strat (80s) that was bastardized with a H/S/S Kirk Hammet Model EMG pickguard setup and a Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a Dimarzio Paf Pro in the neck. I love both of these guitars to death but for right now I like the Washburn a little better. I am so impressed with it that if I ever buy another guitar I know it will be a Washburn. I am very impressed with the guitars they make. Every single one I have played has been great. If this guitar was stolen I would be PISSED. I would hunt down the guy who did it and beat him with a Mag Light! Thats right A MAG LIGHT. Those things pack a wallop!!! Either that or I would claim it as being a 1000 dollar PRS and buy a bunch of {censored}. This is a real bargain for the buck. I will have this forever.
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