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  1. I've hardly used this pedal. Comparable to the reverb on a Line 6. Not bad for the money. Pretty lush sounding for a digital reverb with some nice options. It is what it is. Asking $25 shipped.
  2. TTT, need to push this harder now. I need the money. $400 with SKB hard case. $355 without it. PM me for your zip to figure out shipping.
  3. TTT I really need to sell this. Open to offers but no trades.
  4. For sale is a near mint Ibanez RGT42DXFM Specs HERE I'm selling this for my old man. He bought it last year because he was craving something with a tremelo but hasn't played it much since. It has been in the case and only really removed to polish. It has no major dings or scratches and is bone stock. It has an incredible neck and the stock pickups sound great. Bar is included and it comes with a nice SKB hard case. Selling because he is laid off and hard up for money at the moment due to Michigan's {censored}ty economy. Looking for $400 with case, $355 without it. PM your zip and we can figure out shipping.
  5. Dings - they look like little scuffs in the photo because of the glare here. This is a Fender Foto Flame Telecaster from the 80s. It was made in japan. These guitars were an interesting time in Fender's history as the flame is actually a photograph on the guitar - the guitars are basswood with an alder cap. Film was applied to the cap and a photo of a flamed top was applied to make it look authentic. I bought this guitar in the 90s from Elderly and it has some modifications. I converted it to an Esquire. Besides changing the pickguard I wired the single alnico Fender pickup 50s style: position 1 is full on bridge, 2 includes the tone control (mimics a neck pickup), 3 has treble bleed off. I followed a diagram and upgraded all of the components and pots. I also replaced the old pan jack with an electrosocket jack from GFS (the sturdiest tele jack on the market). The guitar has straplocks and I swapped out the bridge with an American standard bridge for better intonation. I still have the nickel standard bridge it came with. That bridge comes with compensated brass saddles. I'll throw that in. Cosmetically the guitar is in excellent shape. It has a few dings but nothing major. I've included them in the photos but they are hard to see as they aren't into the actual Flame. Only selling because I have my first baby on the way and need to make room and money. Looking for $400 OBO out of the guitar. Shipping has been killing me lately. You will have to send me your zip to figure it out. No trades.
  6. Price drop $330 plus shipping or make me an offer. I need the money.
  7. Specs: solid Sitka spruce top - two pieces, thin finish, rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with a select rosewood fretboard and Grover Super Rotomatic machine heads The neck is really nice, medium frets with a fairly flat radius. There are no blemishes on the guitar, scratches, or dings. I bought it in this condition and I was seriously surprised at how nice it was for being as old as 1999. The owner before me put in a bone nut. This is a phenomenal guitar, especially for the money. It sounds better than the Big Baby in my opinion and has a lot of volume. Sounds best for fingerpicking. Not really a strumming guitar IMO but I don't do that. I've heard these are the top of the line for Corts. The photos really don't do it justice and I bet it will be worth something some day. Selling because I have a baby on the way (my first and need to get rid of some things. I'll be sorry to see it go but family comes first. Comes with a brand new TKL hardcase. I'll let it go for $360 TYD and I take paypal. That is basically $330 for the guitar and case and $30 to ship. PM me.
  8. I've got a G&L Invader circa 1984. It has had some work done to it. When I bought it, it was black and kind of beat up with a hodge podge of different pickups in a H-S-S configuration and a Kahler flyer. I filled in the single coil cavities and old mini-switching configuration holes and had it painted white. I replaced the worn out Flyer tremelo with a new Kahler fixed tail. The neck still has the Kahler locking plates, bolts, etc. It is still tapped for a humbucker - which is a Seymour Duncan JB, one volume, and one tone. I never got around to putting a tone control in it. I replaced the electronics and jack from the G&L stock stuff to a basic jack with plate and new Alpha pot. Very basic. There is a scratch by the jack plate that is noticable but not too bad. The neck is incredible. Flat radius and has an ebony fretboard. Medium frets. For those who are familiar with the playability and tone of these guitars - you know how nice they really are. headstock is a little worn cosmetically but fine. Its been played. I was basically trying to turn it into a Rampage as I'm a huge Jerry fan. To be honest, I really don't want to part with it but have a baby coming and need the money and to be rid of some guitars. Its been through quite a transformation - I saved it. It has been played but needs a good home. I'd like to get $300 - send me your zip so we can figure out shipping, and yes I do take paypal.
  9. Sorry I just sold all and couldn't find the thread to update it.
  10. Pre-pickup change to P90 Dillion LP copy pre-pickguard. Not sure what the model number is but the serial number is: H2701108 The only thing that is stock on the guitar is the 3-way switch. Everything else has been upgraded. New pots and orange drop caps GFS Dream 90 in the bridge Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck Wilkinson Easy Lock tuners Tonepros bridge and tailpiece Tusq nut It's an amazing guitar. Just got it from a friend but I can't get into LPs and want another strat of some kind. No blemishes or dings. Comes with Fender padded gig bag. Not interested in Squiers unless you have an older MIJ. MIM Standards are fine. It doesn't hurt to offer...PM or post.
  11. White GFS Rail - Medium Output (could be middle or bridge) - $15 shipped Cream GFS Rail - Medium Output Bridge - $15 Shipped Zebra Tricked Out Guitar Tele Pickup - $12 Shipped All in excellent, near-mint condition. PM me. $30 shipped takes them all.
  12. I need them cheap. Let me know if you have them.
  13. I need 3 black sc pickup covers and 2 black strat knobs. PM me and I'll tell you what I have for trade. I'd buy them off you too.
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