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  1. Originally posted by coldmetalcore Hey headswitch, i listened to your song. I appreciate the fact that you used an odd time signature for the song. One criticism i could give that song is the repetitiveness of it. I think it needs to change a lot more throughout. I'm a drummer and i know those drums were sampled but I think they needed to do a little bit more. The guitar playing was all tight, but like i said, i think that rhythem guitar needs to do something different at some points, because it gets very repetitive. The song already has a very defined feel to it, so If i were you, I would try to put some busy guitar work in there and try to give that song some energy. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I know what you mean about the drums, I have thought about tweaking them but I lost the original track... I think I'll resurrect this project when I have the time and see what I can come up with. oh and i don't know if this is just a technical error or not, but the song i downloaded doesn't really end, it just kinda stops at 3:27, if that's how the song ends then definetly try to tighten that up. all in all it's a cool song man, definetly stick with it. Actually, the song should be 4:46 in lenght... Got to check if it uploaded correctly. Thanks again for the input.
  2. 'Ello! I'm quite new here, been lurking for a while, though. I have one song I made some time last year and got a proper vocalist to sing on it this spring (I have no voice for singing whatsoever...). I have dabbled a bit in the home recording/mixing territory but I'd still call myself noob to all this... Now I'd just like to have a second opinion if I have any hope or should I give up and find myself a new hobby. About the song: bass and all guitars are recorded straight to my computer (yeh, I know, should get a DI-box some day...) by me except the solo (my friend played that one). I used the Guitarsuite JCM900 plug-in for the guitars. Drums are NS-kit samples tracked with ModPlug tracker. The vocals were recorded by a friend across the Atlantic so I have no idea what gear he used... Song There are some playing mistakes but don't let them bug ya. And I know the lyrics make very little sense... All feedback appreciated.
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