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  1. Mike, I use ShieldsUP! from https://www.grc.com/intro.htm to test my firewall security.
  2. A challenge I'm not willing to meet any longer for quite some time is to repair sloppy playing/singing "in the mix". Regardless of what people are offering to pay me to correct their layziness/lack of talent/technique. However, I will still try to correct poorly thought out arrangements during mix time, provided that the playing/singing was in the pocket to begin with.
  3. ansleycargill wrote: Hello guy's,, I am ansley and I love pop music, so please sugget me best pop singer in a worl'd? Yes.
  4. Originally Posted by larry50 ^^ So .... You're partial to Ovations I take it? LOL
  5. Originally Posted by pedrozepelim No sir, I'm a bedroom player. My dog is my audience. I see. I'm a gigging musician myself but there have been a few times where I wished the audience would be as attentive and appreciative as my dog is
  6. Originally Posted by pedrozepelim Very pretty! But do you actually play it on gigs? It looks so immaculate to me.
  7. keep the cream one,but put the compensated three saddle bridge on it What's up with these three saddle bridges?
  8. That's one option I've considered, but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do yet. I see, Phil. Well in that case I would keep the one you like best for yourself I must admit, I never cared that much for red guitars in general but the one in your picture (obviously just going by their appearance) sure looks sexy but I do prefer the bridge on the creme one. Decisions, decisions
  9. It's going to my nephew, who is in his early 20s and has just been playing for a year or so. He has an acoustic and a bass, but he's ready for his first electric... They both look like fine guitars. I was just wondering, can't you let your nephew decide which one he likes best?
  10. Congrats and happy birthday Consider yourself lucky. Remember, many people never made it to the age of 24.
  11. Nothing against Lollar pups, but I suspect he could make just about anything sound good. Killer player. His obvious ability as a player sure didn't hurt to get the message across
  12. well I for one, am very impressed. I respect real musicians Well, thank you. I appreciate your respectfulness I hardly ever mention details about my musical career if I can avoid it because I've chosen to post anonymous here and I don't think it really serves a purpose in most discussions. If anything, I believe revealing my identity could even be counterproductive in certain cases. But when someone makes an unfounded assumption and somewhat condescending remark about it without (obviously) knowing my personal history and credentials, then it becomes a little different. I am sure there are other well known musicians from all over the world who lurk and even post here and give helpful, free advice to others, based on their many years of experience as pros in this particular field. Differences in musical taste and/or age shouldn't be obstacles to discuss instruments, effects, amps, recording techniques, business management or even politics Of course I am proud of the accomplishments during my past four decades in the music industry as a full time musician but I'm also aware of the fact that being in the right place at the right time and having an open minded respectful attitude toward those artists who were/are much more experienced and famous - and from whom I've learned so much over the years -, played an important role in all that.
  13. Mine is MIJ. I don't know how it compares to the MIT version. Neither do I but soulsonic just posted a comparison. From what I've read on a few other forums people seem to prefer the MIJ one. According to a post in this thread (#11), the MIT has some serious feedback issues in live situations. Perhaps some like it better because the MIJ is more rare? Here is a thread I found asking the same question There also seems to be a few mods around for this pedal. I believe Brian Wampler did/does it ( here ) and I read a very interesting thread about DIY modifications here. I also found a schematic here. Last night when I looked for my HM-2, I stumbled upon two other pedals I haven't used in ages and bought in the early '80's as well. There are both Yamaha's. One compressor model CO-01 and a chorus model CH-01. I do recall they were actually quite good but I haven't used them ever since I bought a Boss Pro SE-70 half rack size effect processor which I still use and has served me very well all over the world for many years. Here's a pic of the pedals, including the HM-2: But the most surprising discovery I made was when I just found a very old Schaller Rotor Sound (Lesley emulator) in mint condition that I had totally forgotten about. I believe I have this thing since about 1970. Here's a pic of an exact same one: Found a link to Ebay U.K. where one was recently sold for 225 GBP ( $ 327,-) Going to check it out later and see what it sounds like again. This should be fun
  14. Some of the best overdrive sounds from a pedal I've ever heard is the Hot Wired by Wampler
  15. Well, I just found the pedal again. It's still in the original box and hardly used. I think I bought it back around 1984 (it's the original made in Japan, not the Taiwan one) and I just saw someone sold one on Ebay for 70 Pounds ($102,-) : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VINTAGE-BOSS-HM-2-HM2-HEAVY-METAL-DISTORTION-PEDAL-/270551382391 Gonna check it out tomorrow again to see what I didn't exactly like about it back then.
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