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  1. One of my students bought a relatively inexpensive Fender Stratocatser that turned out to be a great instrument for him. I asked him what made him choose that particular guitar and he replied "it chose me."

    I would have to answer your question about music the same way. It chose me. I was open to it of course but one night when I was in High School my band played a gig and something happened. I felt like I was simply holding the guitar and the music was playing me. I got "out of the way " as a friend of mine put it and felt like I was part of something bigger. The guitar sounded good to me and I felt confident knowing I could not make a mistake. It was as if I was watching myself play stuff I didn't know I could play.

    After that I knew it was possible for me to play that way and made a lifelong career out of trying to understand and reproduce those "magic" moments. I felt like the regular jobs I had over the years took time away from the music so, even though I didn't want to make a job out of making music, it seemed to be a better alternative than not having enough time or energy for the pursuit.

    The connection to the music, when it happens, seems Divine in nature and has led to a Spiritual quest which has dictated the path of my life. Again, it chose me.

    There are times, however, when the connection does not seem to happen and that is when it feels like going to work - but I've learned to be able to do that in a professional manner and can always deliver a respectable performance. I always try to be the best that I can be and avoid things that may interfere with that.





  2. Although it involves opening up the amp, replacing the linear taper 100K Reverb control with an audio taper pot can make the control seem less "sensitive."

    Using a lower gain driver tube as suggested, reduces the S/N in the reverb circuit making it a bit more noisy.


    FYI, the Reverb retrun circuit on a Fender amp is sensitive enough to plug a guitar into.

    Another "trick" is to bring the signal from the Reverb tank back into the amp via the Normal Channel input to gain more control over the over all sound of the reverb and take advantage of the audio taper Volume control.

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