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  1. Originally posted by zinzin Please listen - new song - virtual top 10 hit! i am terribly proud of this new song i've written and recorded. it's called "pop child" and it has the sixty-pop-rock-vibe i aimed for. i think if a well known UK would release it as a single, it would be a top 10 hit! i consider the mix finished although i tried not to touch to much and let it almost as i recorded. afterall its a demo and it has not to be perfect, but lemme know what you think about the recording quality and the song itself! every comment welcome! http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0YDYGELNUUN1Q2YCXAH4XLZVM4 I like this song; it takes me back to dirt weed, Built to Spill and the Silver Jews type of stuff. Hopefully that's what you were going for or you might be fairly insulted. It seems to me like the bass was a little overpowering and it seems like that was part of the problem with the voc's. If there were a little less bass the presence of the vocals might be stronger. Play with eq's, or tell me to dry up and blow away. How did you record it?
  2. CJoGo--Let me premise this by saying that if anyone had listened to my music, they would understand that I know nothing. However, after listening to your song KaLeeFornYa (sp?), I must compliment your sound quality. It's much cleaner and more polished than many of the songs (esp. the more complicated ones) I've seen posted here or other places. In my opinion the more important parts, i.e., voc's and harp, get lost in the mix a lot. The harp especially; I'm a fan of Bob Dylan and the Doors and tripe like that and their harmonicas always stood way out above everything else. That may be a matter of taste...tell me what you think.
  3. Check out my newest recording: www.nebbish.org. Listen to "Ben One" (should be on the left, about halfway down.) I recorded it on a Zoom Mrs-1044 with a bunch of sub $100 mic's and some direct to recorder stuff. I sent the drums through an old Peavey PA board and recorded them to 2 tracks because that's all I can do with the Zoom. Obviously I'm very amateur, but please give me "strict" feedback anyway; I want to absolutely max out the quality of my recordings before I advance to better and more expensive equipment. Also, tell me what you think of my band. One idiotic question to end the day: should I use a pre-amp on the drums? If so, is it best to put the pre-amp after the mixing board and before the recorder or should I use it for individual drums? The recorder has some preset "pre-amp" modules but I suspect they pale in comparison to a real tube.
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