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  1. I'm looking for a few specific processors at the moment... Roland SDE-3000 digital delay Lexicon PCM-81 TC M2000 or M3000 Email if you have one! suitedstudio at gmail.com Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for the old model VC TwinQ (not the current version). I believe they made a version prior to the VC TwinQcs (just VC TwinQ), same basic thin without the current sensing change. That's the one I would be after. See pic below (minus the "cs" in the logo). Email me if you have one! suitedstudio at gmail.com
  3. This is the Rev F with input and output transformers, so much beefier sounding than later versions! This one has been regularly maintained and works great. In and out converted to XLR. I can email larger pics. They sell on Ebay for 2100.00 and up. Asking 2000.00 for this one. Email me at suitedstudio at gmail.com Thanks!
  4. Possibly, depending on version. Specifically interested in the 2X rack... Email me - suitedstudio at gmail dot com Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for an API 3124+ preamp. Email if you have one available! Thanks! suitedstudio@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking for a Mindprint DTC mic pre. Email if you have one! Thanks! suitedstudio@gmail.com
  7. Top choice piece for mastering or mix bus. Check it out online. These are almost impossible to find on the used market. Grab it for 4000.00. (I will consider trades for other pro gear, but it has to be worthwhile...) Email me at suitegstudio@gmail.com
  8. Universal Audio 175B tube compressor/limiter! This is a very rare unit, preceding the 1176. Sounds amazing, and just checked out by techs with clean bill of health. It's in excellent cosmetic condition as well. Email for more info, pics, etc. Asking 6K, which is less than I've seen others ask. (Serious inquiries only - if you know this unit, you know the deal). I'm willing to work out trades for other gear (studio, keyboard, higher end guitar gear, etc). Just has to be worthwhile... Email me at suitedstudio@gmail.com
  9. I have a pair of these, bought as nos well after the 192's were out, so some of the last produced, and barely used! Super clean and in the original boxes - You probably won't find nicer... Asking 800.00 each, or I'll consider trades for other studio gear, or Synth Gear! PM me or email (email is better!) - suitedstudio -at- gmail.com
  10. Great sounding stereo pre. Super clean with manual. Sells new for around 2500.00, and impossible to find used. Asking 1500.00, but I'm willing to consider trades for other studio gear, or Synth Gear! PM or email me (email is better). suitedstudio -at- gmail.com
  11. I have all three of these available. The AD and DA 16X's were reburbished at Apogee recently! All work just fine. Looking for around 1500.00 each, but I'm also willing to trade for other studio gear, or synth gear! PM or email me (email is faster) - suitedstudio -at- gmail.com Thanks!
  12. Here is my current "want list" of keyboard and synth modules that I'm wanting to buy. Couple of projects coming up, so upgrading and re-acquiring some cool goodies! Email with details on condition, what's included, and price. Cash ready to go, so get in touch if you have any of these!! suitedstudio at gmail.com Waldorf Blofeld module Waldorf Q module Waldorf Microwave XT module Waldorf Pulse Plus module Access Virus C module Akai Z8 sampler Alesis ION E-mu modules (XL-1, Orbit 3, Mo Phatt) E-mu Ultra Proteus Ensoniq Fizmo Ensoniq MR Rack (expanded pref...) Yamaha FS1R module Yamaha CS6R module Yamaha EX5R Nord Lead/Rack 2X module or keyboard Nord Rack 3 module Novation Supernova II module Novation Super Bass Station (seriously, I'm looking to buy every single one of these... I love hardware!)
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