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  1. If you mean it's a chord, and there's a muted string in the middle somewhere, eg: 3x0033 (just picked one at random there..) usually I just have one of my other fingers that's fretting touch the string from the side and keep it from ringing.


    In this chord for exampe, I would use my pinky and ring finger on the 3rd fret of the B and high E string, then my middle finger on the 3rd fret of the low E, which I would then bend down slightly to mute the open A string.. hope that makes some sense and is what you're looking for :)

  2. I'm having the same problem right. I've been playing guitar for around 4 years now but have never taken any lessons (many reasons for that.. let's not get in to it for now..) so am mostly self taught. I've been making pretty steady progress but I'm looking at things now that I think are kind of holding me back as I'm getting more serious about playing. I think one of these is my picking hand...


    It used to be when I played, I would rest my wrist or palm on the bridge itself (I had an SG..) which I realized was pretty bad, but I eventually broke that habit. I find now though is that I have a tendancy to take my ring and pinky finger and touch them to just below the strings when I'm picking... I don't think this is good technique either, so I'm trying right now to get past that...


    So I'm wondering if there's anyone with similar experience or whatnot that can perhaps offer me some advice on this, or just anything to improve my basic picking technique..

  3. Hey guys, this isn't necessarily limited to guitar but music in general. We're tossing around ideas for a project, and one thing that sprung to mind was a visualizer type effect..


    Basically you'd have a box where you'd plug audio in, and it would have a video output that you could hook to a projector and shoot out all sorts of cool visuals (think something like winamp visualizers..) triggered by your playing. There'd be a display and a few controllable parameters, and you'd possibly be able to upload new programs/algorithms from a PC for use later. I envision it wouldn't be much bigger than a largish stomp-box, and would come in a rugged case.


    I'm trying to guage if there's any other interest in something like this, apart from my own... would anyone actually hav a use for a box like this while playing shows? How much $ would it be worth to you?


    If anyone has any further suggestions or ideas related to this, or possibly any other project ideas to throw at me (anything mixing analog and DSP processing..) I'd be very happy to hear them.

  4. Can anyone recommend some good books for fingerstyle technique? I have Sheets of Sound on order and Raising the Barre will be ordered shortly for my electric guitar playing... but one of my band mates plays fingerstyle classical guitar and is looking for some similar technique building books more focused to his style. He plays mostly classical and flamenco styled music. Any recommendations are welcome.

  5. I find I always mess up most when I am trying really hard.. if I'm just chillin out and playing casually, I play much better... must be due to less tension. Never really gigged though (at least not on guitar.. I did play percussion in concert band though..)

  6. I've been on holiday to the US numerous times in numerous locations, here's what I have to say about some places I've visited:

    New York / New Jersey area: Have some family that lives around here. NYC is pretty awesome, at least to me since I've grown up around Vancouver.. everything there is huge in comparison to here. I found the New Jersey area pretty icky for the most part though.

    Pennsylvania: Usually go here when visiting NJ, stay on a farm in the middle of nowhere. It's a really cool place to go if you are normally from a mostly urban area and just want to get away from everything for a while.. extremely quiet.

    Cape Cod: Amazing place to visit, great ocean for sailing etc. You can go whale watching for humpbacks which is an incredible experience in itself. And the salt water taffee is the best :) Better not have an aversion to gay people though, as gay people like to vacation here a lot for some reason.

    San Francisco: Beautiful city, reminds me of Vancouver in many ways as it's very multicultural. I thought the best part was watching all of the sea lions in the harbor, I literally stood there for hours just watching them.

    Utah: If you're in to mountainbiking, hiking, and don't mind the heat.. Utah has some amazing mountains well suited for all of that..

    also been to Las Vegas, and brief stints through Oregon... also drive down to Seattle a few times a year, but I don't think that's a great place to vacation :)

    Also, if you're from overseas, consider coming to BC ;)

  7. Does anyone like "Magnification" at all? I saw Yes on their "Yessymphonic" tour when this album came out, (3 or 4 years ago I guess..) and while the tracks they played during that concert from that album were probably the worst of the set, the studio recording is pretty sweet. I really think the orchestra instruments suit the music very well.

    The rest of the concert was pretty awesome though, especially when they performed Gates of Delyrium, a big beam of white light hit Chris Squire's bass during his solo and reflected in a blinding flash, while he stood on a platform with hair blowing in the wind... it was a totally surreal moment :)

    But anyway, back to the topic at hand, I think Magnification is pretty good, surprised nobody mentioned it yet.

  8. I know this may seem like a pretty silly question, but I don't know much about bass guitars (I play guitar..). I picked up a Squire Jazz Bass for my kid sister so she can start learning to play and play in her high school jazz band.


    What I can't seem to figure out is what do the knobs on the thing do? It has two pickups, and 3 knobs arranged in a line below. They seem to be some strange combination of volume knobs and a mix knob, or something to that effect..


    If anyone has any idea, the help would be much appreciated :)

  9. I've been playing guitar for a few years, and I'm finding one type of chord that constantly gives me some problems, and that's the major barre chord with root on the A., for example the B barre..


    E -2-

    B -4-

    G -4-

    D -4-

    A -2-

    E -x-


    How should I finger the 3 notes of the 4th fret? Currently I use my ring finger on the D and G string, and my pinky on the B. But this still feels kind of ackward.. and also I find the note on the high E doesn't always ring quite right.


    Anyone care to give some pointers on playing these better?

  10. I also like to keep mine at about the same height when standing as when sitting, which is just slightly higher hhan if it were resting on my leg. As far as holding it high, I don't think it's *that* dorky. In fact, I just watched part of a bootleg Audioslave DVD, and Tom Morello holds his guitar at almost chest level, like I've seen a lot of classical guitar players..

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