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  1. Thanks for the info. There does some to be data out there to support what you've stated. It's an interesting read. Both coils of the neck PU are dead. I saw a good website where someone shows how he repairs Maxon PUs. I'm usually a DIY kind of person. However, I'm not going down that rabbit hole. Taking a resistance measurement of the wiring from the neck to the output jack indicates the switch is good. The volume control does seem a little flakey. At this point I think all new electronics are probably warranted. In the next couple of days I will put some new strings on
  2. I came across a posting somewhere in another forum where the poster talked about the Maxon PU codes for Greco and Ibanez. He wrote Maxon used codes with 4, 5 and 6 digits / identifiers, depending on the years and one other parameter specific to the Ibanez 6 code (I think). The code with 5 identifiers showed it used X for December. Doesn't seem that logical, but it was the only post I could find that mentioned the X code. Maybe I'm doing it wrong on the pickups. They are still connected to the wiring and I put a probe on each wire (2). There is no reading from either probe.
  3. The back, neck and front are very clean. A few minor scratches, and that's it. No cracking in the finish at all. Is that even possible for a guitar this age? Maybe it's been refinished. In any case, it's a beautiful guitar and seems very well made.
  4. My old ears tell me I need a mellow neck PU. But, there was a time..... That photo was pulled off the GC used gear website and is the actual guitar I bought. Not sure what's up with their picture regarding the headstock. It looks strange. Below is a close up that I took at home. Also below is a picture I took of the pickups. From what I can discover on the 'net, the codes show these Maxon pickups were made in 1973, December 27th. That should make the guitar a 1973 / 74 model. Are those PAFs?
  5. This one does have the Maxon pickups. Does that mean it can only have be made by Ibanez, and how does Ibanez rate compared to the other builds? I did not play it very long at GC and may have not even tested the neck pickup. It was lust at first sight and I quickly bought it. I didn't even play it when I got it home, since the strings were old and not very playable and the action is a little high. Anyway, I took the strings off to do a proper cleaning and setup. I also measured the resistance of the pickups using the input jack and a cord. The bridge PU shows 1.4 and the neck PU look
  6. Guys, thanks for all of the info and insight. I really like the look and feel of this guitar. I've wanted a 335 type guitar for years, but never wanted to pay the Gibson price.
  7. Impulse buy at GC today ($279): The condition seems too good to be true for a 1970's (?) guitar. No worn spots on the finish, virtually no fret wear and and only a few minor scratches. There is a little pitting at the end of the tailpiece. The picture doesn't show the nice flame top. All of the hardware looks original. I have 45 days to see if it's a keeper. Has anyone here played this particular model before? Any opinions? Would you advise a pickup upgrade (I assume that is the weak link)?
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