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  1. LOLZ at the customer reviews: http://www.target.com/Black-Decker-Toaster-Oven/dp/B00130399K funny, great minds think alike, the first thing I did was read the reviews and half of them are "this oven caught on fire". Glad you're OK Ken, follow Ani's advice and file. I'm curoius if each of us SSS'ers can file with the CPSC even though we don't own this product? It just seems so obvious that this product should be recalled. One note - I was hoping for a photo of the burnt oven, maybe a sepia tone or black and white with some vignetting:poke:
  2. Hi Ichi, per craig's request: "Now, if we could just have a "render with processing and save as WAV" file" Is this possible yet? If I run a sample through the x2's effects, whether it be the slicer or the sp12ulator, can I export through the x2, or do I first need to render as a wav in the host? Thanks
  3. Hi Craig, Can you clarify a few basics for me regarding workflow? 1. I understand you can record right into it, is this only as a stand alone, or can it also do this when it's launched in a host (cubase/live/tracktion) 2. Once the sample is in there, how easy is it to quickly divide it into different regions, whether it's taking a fifteen minute clip, and dividing it into thirty slices, or a two second clip, dividing into ten slices. I know you're a fan of wavelab, curious if the interface is similar, easy to zoom in and out, left and right. 3. Once the samples have been tweaked (with x2's effects, filters, slices), how easy is it to export the sounds out of it? It would be nice to take the tweaked samples out of it, and load the wavs into my MPC. 4. Any chance of an EMu demo, or are there any stores in the NYC area which have the software on display so I can try before buy? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hey Craig, Great review so far, really enjoying it. I appreciate your taking the time to render an MP3 of the SP12 effect, definitely very cool. My wife says I need to make some music with what I have, hopefully I can put together a good album, then buy it...
  5. Hi Craig, My heart's racing after hearing about the SP12ulator insert effect. I've owned both the SP12 and 1200, and hold onto them simply because I love what it does to samples, both the sound and the way it transposes it across the keys. As you are the author of the manual and have used the SP1200, how is that SP12ulator effect, is it right on, or just another bit reducing effect? Thanks
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