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  1. Mister Sully, I have been really liking the Urei 1176 plugin. I happen to have it with my Sonar version.
  2. Well thanks Phil, Being a "Purist" all of these years, I will not feel guilty about trying the Slate 2 trigger replacement plugin. Hek, if all the master mixers are doing it, I'm in! After all, it's still my playing, my feel, and my dynamics.
  3. This leads to a second question. Why would an industry pro such as CLA use trigger samples on a drum track that was recorded in his own studio? I have been watching some drum mixdown videos where pros are using samples blended with, or replacing the original drum sounds. If these guys are the pros, why aren't their drum sounds asskicking from the start?
  4. Hey Phil, I was basically thinking compression options as a first thought. Well, when the tracks are soloed, I like what I hear. They are eq'd correctly and sound pretty good for close miking in a not so great room. The biggest problem is not having the kit cut through the mix or having the "Power" to drive the track. It's not the take. I have been a session drummer for over 30 years. I am just not a great drum mixer. I have been watching the Slate trigger replacement videos. It's not something that I would want to do but my drum mix sounds like the mix before they add the samples.
  5. Hey Guys, Do you have a any favorite plugins to make a live drum track pop? This is after all of the individual tracks are eq'd, etc. I've been getting better at tracking and mixing live drums but have to admit, it is a bitch.
  6. Hey Phil, I think he has a Martin. Possibly the Macassar. I guess I will have to order one of the those XY mic holders. I remember reading once about a method of setting up the large condenser in front of the sound hole but aiming it at the 12th fret. Perhaps I am wrong about the fret. I do understand I will not get a stereo spread this way.
  7. Hey Guys, I need to record acoustic guitar tracks for production music. The guitar will be mainly strumming and occasionally doing a lead. I have a Rode NT-1A Condenser and 2 Audix ADX-51 pencils. The mics will be going through a UA Twin Finity pre. What recording method would work best with my limited mic collection?
  8. Very interesting article. I have a 10 year old version of Sonar. I don't know if some of those features are available. Is there any disadvantage of keeping a "Mastering" plugin on the master bus and rendering my final project and different stems to Wav for production? IOW, as long as the CPU will handle it, would it sound the same as importing a Wav file of the finished project into a new Sonar session and running it through a plugin?
  9. Thanks Anderton. Will check it out. I am a Sonar user....
  10. I remember on my very first gig at 11 years old, the mallet fell off of my bassdrum beater and rolled across the stage. The bassist had to pick it up and give it back to me. I tried to screw it back on with one hand while keeping time with the other hand. My only fear is of equipment mishaps. Playing in front of large crowds does not bother me.
  11. Onelife, On that note, couldn't you just turn off the Master bus plugin? Then, your project mix would be clean and unprocessed.
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