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  1. When I write code with a user interface, making that interface simple, ergonomic and intuitive is usually 60% or more of the total effort. 

    But I'm picky...  I've had so much experience with badly constructed user interfaces that I make it a point to do it properly.  Some of the programs I use at work are so non-linear it is necessary to write out lists of what to do, in what sequence, so you can do it again when you need to use it again a couple years later. 

    Engineering programs (pro-level PCB layout programs, analog circuit simulators, RF and microwave simulators, CAD programs) are generally the worst offenders.  Oddly enough, the lower-grade programs in these categories (for example, Multisim or Pspice analog circuit sims) generally have a much better usability, but often don't have the advanced capabilities I need.

  2. The advantage of multiple ports is that it greatly simplifies using more than one hardware instrument. I've used a single port for this before and it gets ugly fast what with daisy chaining thrus, dealing with setting each instrument to separate channels, using a MIDI merger to combine signals, and spending hours figuring out why things aren't working the way you want. The last item alone would make it worth it

  3. I run MIDI Ox on Windows 7 without any troubles at all.  I did re-download it, and had to set Win7 to 'test mode', but that is needed to install almost everything not authored by Microsoft.  I was even able to make a batch file that launches my standard setup for MidiOx automatically on bootup.  (One instance for input, one for a Thru that also transposes everything down an octave, and one for output.)


    (I run Win7 in my studio, and still have XP on another machine)

  4. (In Reaper) I drag & highlight the area before & after the note, select the take, then hit shift-S to split the selection.  Then I hit 't' or 'T' to cycle through the available takes for that note on that track.

    If none of the other takes are good enough, I drag the separated section right/left as needed, and overlap the edges on both sides slightly to get an auto-crossfade of a few milliseconds on each end.

  5. My belief is that if you do what you are inside (regardless of your roots, ethnicity, economic class or whatever), then you make music that will resonate with people, Contrariwise, if you pose as something else, there is no way to hide the artificiality you create. Many of the examples you mention are people transcend their roots to be who they really feel inside, and create authenticity by following their particular 'path with heart'.  

    Others you mention (I'll let the reader decide who) are entirely artificial, and have no means of ever connecting with their muse no matter how successful their careers.

  6. I look for good quality cable at a fair price.  Then when the connectors eventually and inevitably fail, I pile them into a container.  Once a year or so, I get out my tools, heat shrink tubing and soldering gear, and replace connectors with new good quality replacement connectors. 


    For pickups, I recommend shielded cable with a single center conductor.  However, if you wire it for splitting the polarity between 2 pickups, use shielded cable with 2 center conductors, then connect the shield to guitar ground on the end away from the pickup.  This prevents problems like the radio station transmitter across the street from bleeding into your signal.

    It's also a good idea to line the electronics cavity of your instrument with copper foil tape, and tack-solder the pieces of tape together, then solder a wire from the copper foil to the guitar ground.



  7. Wow, Ras, you're keeping this forum pretty lively.


    I'd have to include the B side of the Abbey Road album in your list.  It might be the best one I've heard...


    I've written some things like this; multipart works, with motifs that subtly repeat in later movements, others that are completely different but paste together perfectly.  I don't do that much anymore, mostly because teaching the arrangements to other people I play with overtaxes their patience...


  8. My own opinion:  People feel it necessary to name things.  Just because it has a name does not indicate they understand it.  Gravity is a great example.  By giving it a name, it allows them to separate out what is not separable.  It's just music. 


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