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  1. Originally posted by fretless ok, warning 10 min. long I would love to know some pro vocal tips Thanks http://home.comcast.net/~scottjhayes/_drums3.mp3 I'm not really the best vocalist myself, so I can't help you much there. I think it sounds good though I might add a little compression to the vocals, turn the overall level on them up just a little, and maybe turn the relative volume of the delay effect down a tad. I like the song a lot Matt
  2. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe banning of the person who posted it. So yes, I am going to turn that feature "on", but please use it responsibly folks. Awww, man, well there goes my whole reason for asking Just kiddin -- thanks Phil
  3. >>Caevan O'Sh!te I really like it, partially because it reminds me of a song I wrote a while back Seriously, it's very well played, great articulation n the lead part, and I really like the volume swells. The only thing that really disappointed me was it was so short -- I wanted to hear more Not sure if you recorded it direct in or through an amp, but next time you record it, you might want to mess with the EQ on the amp, and arrangements of cables, etc. to cut down on the buzz (in fact, if you have a CRT monitor and you're playing an electric guitar, you might notice increase buzz depending on how you're oriented relative to the screen). It's tough in a recording this 'quiet' because the noise can leap out more, but i think if you can cut down on it, it would really improve the 'mood' of your mix. Nice job!
  4. Hi all! Just pokin my head in to say hi. It's cool to see people from MP over here, hopefully more will come soon. With Phil at the helm, I'm sure this board is going to just as awesome as the 'old' one Cheers, Matt PS: Hey Phil, do you know if it's possible to turn on image posting? That can be super useful sometimes, and I miss the .
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