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  1. Try asking these folks: http://www.audiorehab.net/services.html


    They replaced a hard wired eprom for me last year (sounds were skipping and of course, a 20 something battery was going) so they must have an original cassette with the digital data on it. I didn't take mine in with the rig.


    I once ordered an upgrade cassette, which turned out to be a mislabeled original sound set but would need to rummage and see if I still have both.




    Rob Manning

  2. Phil,


    I produced a demo session in Nash Vegas, very strong demo single for the NASCAR set. Friday, I booked some time in the valley, to have some things refined.


    I wanted to put in different Strat riffs, ducking out a few of Tele ones, used in Nashville by the player. (He played not exactly as I wrote it, but does the job well enough, but!)



    On Saturday, went to retail and was told an M-Box would call up session from HD, no problem. Wrong, the pro-sumer stuff doesn't lay in the same way and next time I'd tell the engineer what to set up, by track not as edited regions.


    QUESTION: Can the M-Box be the S/PDIF slave to the RME 9652 and Samplitude?


    Right now it just hisses and It might be pilot error, but I've not found an actual routing scheme, that aleviates the digital noise.


    That way I can stay away from the schmaltzy gizinta of the Box, but still have the LE for sessions, to transfer future demo material, to real HD systems.


    Otherwise, this little Avid revenue enhancment, is going back to the store.


    I can alwys bring in AIFF or WAVE files from Samplitude as it is.

  3. In all fairness, I haven't read these all but if you even come back in as follows.


    During the advance of electronic music, from the analog days, Craig Anderton has been a savant (that's a savvy person) and artist, player, editor, author, lecturer, swim suit model and general beer expert to at least two generations of musicians and recordists...


    If you asked the questions truely, then use Bush's the google and while you are at it, check Eddie Celliti, Mitch Gallagher, and Michael Molenda as well..

  4. The questioner was born on: September 14, 1988, so that makes him some or all of the following,


    Too young to drink in many states


    A Red sox fan (Johnny Damon doesn't live there any more, so get over it)


    A malcontent youth, with an entitlement attitude


    Listens to crappy sounds on a Steve Blow Jobs player (wake me up when hand helds are 96K)


    Doesn't likely know how heavy metal started, or where the coined phrase came from...and has no idea who Michael Monarch is or what guitar hybrid he played.


    Shouldn't attempt to play here at HC unless he's willing to admit that youth angst isn't a commodity while it's being mis-spent, only after the fact is it worth a {censored}...and there is no change left over.

  5. Jeff,


    I stay away from chops O' others, unless it's a a book form.


    I have several Jazz method books from the Colony on 49th in NYC.


    Never was a copping sort myself, but found the written lessons intriguing as a way of opening up nuances, and eventually the learnin' would show up a riff at a time.


    I float from method book to method book, and back.


    The gist so far, is composing in the three minute time frame of radio, with non cliche compositions, wether it's a Jazz standard ( Iok a month to finesse three minutes) or Country.


    Jim Collins told me a couple years ago, that he was told by an old timer, to take the biggest idea you have and make it happen in three minutes and that if it's longer then three minutes, it's not worth a crap...


    Sage advice when writing.



  6. Mc Cabe's also has a live venue, where divergent acts play on the weekends. It has the folkies, cornered and is more an acoustic shop, less than electric although they have some soild body stuff, it's more mandlin, arch top and flat top acoustic.


    Westwood is the seminal old school store, from the Sunset Strip era, Mitchell, Brown, Crosby and like from back in the day.


    Fred the owner, is an icon.

  7. Mats,


    In that realm for Guitars, Tone Merchents usually has a parade of visits, he's in the City of Orange, nice and high end. Ed Woon.


    Mega showroom, would be Wild West Guitars in Riverside, worth the drive, full of new and top of the line.


    For wall hanging drool, don't skip True Tone Music on Santa Monica Blvd. and 7th Street in Santa Monica.


    There are other usual suspects, but of these three Wild West and True Tone are my faves, with Tone Merchants right up there as well.


    TM is closest to the CC, WW is about an hour east and True Tone is 45 minutes or more, depending on traffic.


    TT is close to the 3rd street mall and pier in SM and right up the beach from Venice, which I affectionally maintain is the dog {censored} capitol of the universe.

  8. Craig,


    We missed the gang up in room 274.


    We had the H Digital, Cue 5's digitally amplified monitors up and running.


    I know, I know but let's remember that Hosa developed the light pipe patch bay and we have the Tech Award nomination for it.


    There were a few of colleagues who found them rather impressive.


    A few cool moments were:


    Two different R & B cats asking where the sub was, (5" pair) no sub in the room.


    Terry Howard asking me to stop calling them near fields, and start calling the reference.


    Kevin Killin listing to the re-mastered SO...CD for almost and hour (he likes them as well).


    The top tier luminaries from (brand), asking for a demo, that would be Managing Director, Markeing VP and VP of products, from world reknown northern European manufacturer of reference speakers.


    Cool enough.


    Shipping in December. MSRP $999 a pair.


    We should talk next week.



  9. Proximate to the CC...


    Watson's Drug store, City of Orange, (turn right out of CC Drive, to Chapman Ave., left to the Plaza in Orange) been doing the soda fountain thing since the late 1800's.


    I agree with Craig, I- 5 to the 101 north, to Morro Bay, (past Santa Barbara) take US 1 north, rain or shine to Big Sur, then Monterey, then Santa Cruz to SF.

  10. Not too often but some of us bump into professional friends now and then and Mitch Gallagher (and his lovely wife ) aside from being one of Craig's audio luminary contemporaries, is a top tier classical guitarist by training and they have invested in a beautiful new instrument.


    I had the privledge of visting their home last week, on a tactical new product mission and was welcomed as a stranger by Mitch and Felicia.


    I don't even remember the name of the guitar builder sorry but WOW, it sounds incredible.


    Congratulations Mr and Mrs. G on the newest addition to the family of instruments and the hot sauce collection isn't bad either.


    Rob Manning

  11. Thanks folks!


    My compatriot here in the office said:


    "Nickel oxidizes much more slowly than brass, and therefore a nickel-plated brass connection would last longer and perform better over time than the same connector without the plating. (Gold lasts even longer than nickel.)


    I'm old enough to remember when solid brass 1/4" plugs were cool for a year or so. We called 'em "mil spec", although I seriously doubt that they were. Bottom line? They sucked compared to nickel plated plugs. No contest.


    I think, if I remember correctly, that brass edges-out nickel in conductivity by a tiny amount, but that the nickel's slower corrosion far outweighs any perceivable benefits of brass's slightly better conductivity.


    Regarding metal transitions: No one's ever presented to me credible evidence that dissimilar metals in a connection cause audible problems. Yes, physics teaches us that different metals have different electrical potentials. It's the basis of battery manufacturing, for example. When immersed in a catalyst, posts made of dissimilar metals cause a flow of electrons from one post to the other.


    But would plugging a gold-plated connector into a nickel-plated or bare-brass jack (for example) cause an electron flow such that it would audibly interfere with the audio? Those kind of connections are made all the time, and I've never heard any difference.


    I have, however, owned bare-brass guitar plugs that crapped-out within a year, solely because of the inevitable, black-colored, difficult-to-clean corrosion that develops on them.


    Hope that helps!"


    We here are beta testing some new state of the art designs for plugness' and I do appreciate the feed back.



  12. Craig,


    Brass, with nickel plated over is the general standard, and gold over nickel, over brass became pervasive after some consumer brands like Monster poured out the Kool-Aid.


    Conductivity, using transitions, solder joints, to various base metals, we have found causes some change to the tone.


    Our question is, knowing that silver conducts even if tarnished, and gold, as a plating does acquire a patina at some point according to Neutrik, does brass have an impediment or tarnish which affects transference?


    Thanks all...


    Rob Manning

    (brand) cable

  13. CA, I had this general discussion with a dealer last week.


    The gist was there are cell phones in the EU takimng advantage of 96k.


    Not sure if that's true but the dumbed down will eventually be offered, cell phones like the old Qualcomm's with 800mA output and 24 bit audio, I WOULD PAY MORE for that.


    The assholes running cell phones down to the three year old crowd, as a market segment are missing a HUGE demographic, and Steve Jobs is an idiot for facilitaing it...he doesn't give a {censored} about audio, really.



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