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  1. Here's something new I did...if anyone hears something in the mix that needs help, any and all comments are welcome...I already realize the siblants need some taming "My Best Friend" http://www.artistlaunch.com/sleblanc
  2. here's something different I'm working on...any feedback on the mix would be appreciated Anthony Triplett http://www.jamfree.com/alibi12-08-05.mp3
  3. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe Nice job Steve. Are you thinking about leaving it "drumless"? IMO, I think some goovin' drums (or maybe some hand percussion) on that track would help flesh it out a bit. yeah, I've been thinking about that...thought I'd try percussion first, see how that sounds, maybe cut some drums if it calls for it...I dunno Thanks for the feedback Lee, I might try more stereo imaging, I haven't had too much luck with that in the past with something so sparse but I will give it a try
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