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  1. I can't get in to forum/2. I log in and it says " You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password." My username is on the members list and other people are posting, but not me.
  2. Im really for something to blend. I don't want an overwhelmingly fuzz tone. ge fuzzes clean up when you lower the guitar volume, silicon doesn't respond the same way. the euthymia crucible ge is in your range. i like mine www.euthymia.org
  3. They look awesome - too bad you can't actually plug, say, a midi keyboard into one to create some music. they are the future of music http://www.fm3buddhamachine.com/
  4. 8 spring reverb tanks alternating with 9 volume pedals
  5. the entire production run of every pedal ever made could probably fit on the cpu in your computer
  6. No just be patient and hang out here. It'll be back when its back. For now this place seems to be working fine and if you don't want to participate in other threads I'm sure this circle jerk will continue indefinitely and swell to 50 pages within a day or two. maybe they'll give us our own subforum like phil has!
  7. Surely within all 80 of the various forums over here you can find something entertaining. if you read the political forum as though it were hm, it's hillarious
  8. what pedals are round becides a fuzz face and the zz top
  9. you should have left that meteor {censored} be
  10. Sometimes I think it's sad for jazz that so many players are concerned with making it sound like jazz instead of just improvising. Pretty soon jazz will be in the same situation as Western classical music, so formalized that we can no longer speak of actual improvisation. it's been that way for about 35 years. rock is the new jazz
  11. It's THE bare ass forums! c there's more there now but wtf? dust in the wind, they're only going to delete them once the real forum is back.
  12. go to the new place. c there's like 1 thread there that even makes any sense
  13. living under a republican regime for a decade has alot to do with it also
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Low_Spark_of_High_Heeled_Boys_%28song%29
  15. any pedal under $70 is probbly going to have surface mount
  16. girls should be encouraged to hug and demonstrate affection to anything and anyone as early as possible, especially each other
  17. ge fuzz to me sounds more complex than silicon
  18. Wait, what did I miss? Is my Joanna Garcia thread still there? The forum is saying it can't upload the 'main' template.. same for me wtf i was just on. yes the joanna thread is still there. the 1st pic was nice, the rest were meh. but you did say marry
  19. vs a amp, which is i guess it's own impedance from the preamp? or does the post amp change it? i have this preamp head thing and it makes the sound really thin and bright, i'm thinking it's the impedance.
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