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  1. your soundcard can play 24bit files. your car/ipod can't. no mysteries.
  2. my advice is to learn what all the knobs mean, exactly what they do, and how one effects the other. then it'll come semi-naturally.
  3. um: forget about the US2400. 16 channel Tonelux console. Legendary Masterpiece, and Brauner VM1-KHE on the way.
  4. i'm probably going to want to swap out the mackie control when i'm there with the us2400. don't mind the ADAMs though.
  5. uh oh. i kind of want a Melrose. and a Ventura. and right now there's nothing stopping me from buying them.
  6. Here we have a large diaphragm tube condenser with 9 polar patterns selectable on the power supply. It's more or less inspired by the world famous Telefunken ELA M251. Low noise for a tube mic, 138db max SPL, custom wound Cinemag transformer, 6072 valve, stunning chromey-platinumy finish. Handmade in the USA, it comes in a heavy duty flight case which holds a wood box for the mic itself, power supply, quality shockmount, and 7 pin cable. Not exactly a full on CLONE of the ELA M251, the Peluso 22 251 certainly has some of the main traits of the Telefunken. A very open and detailed high end which is not at all harsh or brittle, great presence, and a rather "sexy" tone. The first words I thought of when I initially fired it up were "full, flattering, sparkling". Great choice for male and female vocals, acoustic guitars, room mic or overhead (add another one for great stereo recording), amps, percussion, pretty much anything you'd ever want to listen to. The great thing about this mic is that it's very easy to work with. Doesn't require much playing around with positioning, and I'll go right ahead and say I can't remember ever having to do any EQ other than some bass rolloffs when a singer got right up against it. Another awesome detail: upon ordering any Peluso microphone, it is tested and "burned in" at the factory to make sure that it is in perfect working order and is exactly to spec. Isn't it nice when someone goes the extra mile? Can't preach about this mic enough. It hasn't come off the stand in quite some time. Buying one for yourself certainly wouldn't hurt. It would be quite the opposite, actually.
  7. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe I love a good Ric - they're great basses. great guitars, too. i just bought number 5 an hour ago. who wants to pay off my credit card? c'mon...
  8. seaneldon

    Fender Bassman 70

    I've been playing guitar for about 10 years. I've had many other amps, several that are more expensive or "coveted". I just really happen to like this one. If it were stolen I'd buy a '63 blonde piggyback Bassman, though I say, if you play rock music and can find one of these amps at a good enough price, take the plunge. You'll pat yourself on the back.
  9. here's a chance to get two vintage mics at stupid prices: M249 restored by BLUE CMV Bottle with M7 and M8 Capsules PM for prices
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