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  1. i was listening to him on a live red hot cd and it just struck me like Thats what i want my wah to soundlike!!
  2. Hell i bet hed settle for a blow job. Plus theyre cheaper. I know I could go for one right now. How bout if i tell you what to get him, you give me one?????
  3. E___5) _______0______________0___________0_________0- B (5___8-5-0________8-5-0________8-5-0________8-5-0__ G__________8_____________8___________8__________8__ D______________________________________________ A______________________________________________ E_______________________________________________ the open e's are played up stroke, since its strict alternate, and before this lick he plays what in the brackets so it goes like (d u) d u d u d d
  4. what are your guys' favorite make out spots by the way?
  5. dude just take her down to sixth street then bang her
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