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  1. Doh! I could've made it to the show on Sunday but somehow I thought we had our wires crossed, Russ!


    I know almost everybody on the gig, from Dave Martin (longtime member here and at MP's Bass Player forum), his wife Carolyn, Jeff Taylor, Andy Reiss and Randy Leago. That must've been a great show. I'll have to call Dave and ask him about it... Or show up at their western swing band show at The Nashville Palace tomorrow night. BTW - Carolyn is a singer for The Time Jumpers, a western swing band chock full of session aces, etc. who play every Monday at The Station Inn and Dave recorded their albums at Java Jive, too. Great stuff!

  2. What "Brown" can do for you is the same brown you'll get from an untrained puppy. They'll gladly crap all over you. :rolleyes:


    I won't waste much time telling you how bad service has been through UPS for me. They destroyed multiple packages by putting them behind our fence with my dogs after repeated direction to never do so. When we lived in Chicago they had our awful neighbors sign for our package with no notice to us. The company we bought from began bugging us for payments. We complained and they insisted it was legitimate until we told them we were in no way connected with the neighbors and, in fact, had called the police on them several times for theft. I've always liked the delivery guys who covered my job but I wouldn't trust UPS to ship a well padded rock anywhere.


    Fedex EXPRESS has always done good work for us. I shipped many packages from work each week and Fedex Express got the job done or, in the unusual occurence of a mistake, fixed it to the best of their ability in a timely manner and ate the charges. They have at least as extensive a web shipping setup as DHL and they simplified it greatly about 6 - 8 months ago. I loved it.


    Fedex GROUND are the biggest bunch of ripoff artists in the industry. Fedex contracts the GROUND service out and holds the contract carriers to NO responsibility. We had packages that were bounced back and forth between Nashville, Arizona and San Diego thanks to Fedex GROUND. They claimed the ability to catch the shipment at 5 or 6 stops but never did, then their driver delivered to the receiving location when we told them not to and had contacted the receiving company and ordered them to refuse the package, which they did. It was left on their dock after they refused it. That was the second package in a year we shipped with them and both times they f&*ked it up. My opinion? DO NOT GO NEAR FEDEX GROUND UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR PACKAGE.


    Fedex has another service, Fedex Freight which is not contracted out. I can't comment on them as I never had the opportunity to use them.


    The post office is relatively good IME, but make sure you check out Ani's links. I've never been able to ship through USPS without bringing the package to the post office and that alone made it impossible to use. I understand that's not the case now though.


    I'm glad you were happy with DHL but they suffered 3 mistakes the first month we used them on simple deliveries so we summarily dropped them as an alternative to Fedex Express.

  3. Hey Boosh! Believe it or not I still haven't seen Band Of Brothers. I love that stuff but I just haven't rented it. (We don't have cable tv at home.) Doh!


    However, I have several friends from shul who served in WWII. We observed veterans day last week in the U.S. and our Jewish Community Center honored one of those friends by filming his memory of a particular bombing raid in which they barely made it back to an allied base alive. To look at these men now one could scarcely imagine them at 18 - 23 years old piloting and protecting a large bomber. My friend was a belly gunner. I can't fathom what it was like to be tucked into a gunner's shell, firing on incoming fighters while unable to move more than a foot or two in either direction while they fired back.


    Thank you for your recognition of what all allied forces did to protect freedom worldwide.

  4. :mad: Lost a damn post on this #$^&%@ library computer!


    The basics...


    Haven't spent much time in front of a mic playing and singing the past decade. Russ was really patient. ;) We had a really fun time doing this but I don't know that I'd call it "art". But I'll defer judgement to those of you who liked it. :cool:


    The Famous Dave's was great, Russ! Thanks a million! There is one correction to your equipment list. That was my Blueridge dreadnought. You can tell by the occassional, sitar-like notes on the first string. It needed a setup. :facepalm:


    Thanks for all the kind words guys and gals. I've spent most online-forum-time at the MP Guitar Forum but given the love I'm feeling and the fact I've missed a bunch of you on this thread (let alone the entire SSS) I guess I'll have to spend more time here... after I find a job. I haven't been online much at all for the past month since I was laid off.


    Glad you liked it, Booshie! :wave:

  5. Yikes! I had no idea this would go public! :eek:


    Thanks for the kind words guys and gals. We had a bit of fun recording this stuff. Russ is very patient. :o;)


    I neither spent time recording myself nor playing out the past decade so I feel rather awkward in front of a mic. Especially singing. I've got a voice. Someday I oughta take some lessons and learn how to use it. ;) As for the guitar, I have to make one correction to Russ' equipment and catering list. (WOW, was Famous Dave's great! Thanks, Russ!) The "A" guitar was my Blueridge dreadnought. I know because there are several parts of the recording in which the poor setup was clearly evident. From the 5th to the 7th or 8th fret the first string just barely buzzed against some higher fret. It drove me a bit nuts but I played it anyway. I'd love to record Russ' Yami in the future. It has a fuller low end than the Blueridge. Sweet old guitar.


    FYI - As Russ alluded to, I've been spending most of my online forum-time at the MP Guitar Player forum. I've been out of work for over a month so I haven't been online much there either. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out here. I really miss a lot of people just on this thread, let alone the SSS in general.


    Until next time....

  6. ...Again, I mean NO OFFENSE to anyone here but I simply disagree with taking offense at what happened and think the world would be a far better place if we'd all reserve our anger for serious problems.

    Terry D.

    There's a common fallacy and an assumption in that line of reasoning.

    The fallacy is that 09 is running a zero sum on concern, indignation and possibly anger over injustice in the world. You assume he won't speak out on world hunger, education or the death penalty (for examples..) because he chooses to write a letter addressing his mistreatment on an airplane?

    I hate to restate what should be obvious to anyone in the U.S. whether they've traveled by plane in the last 6 - 7 years or not, but airline travel has become something of a bad joke.. Well, it would be a joke if passengers haven't been subject to intense security precautions, then jerked around being forced to stay aboard jets on the ground with no food for 5+ hours at a time. A system that has been in place for at least the past 3 decades and they haven't figured out better ways to handle these and other issues that start at mere inconvenience and occasionally rise to outright dangerous situations. The airline industry is out of control and attempts to address all these issues continue to be talking points for politicians whose ideas never quite make it out of Congress.

    So here comes zeronyne, perhaps one of the most traveled people on airlines in the U.S., someone who suffers these inconveniences on a regular basis and he's singled out simply for his race and you don't think it rates some response??

    Again, some of your arguements have some merit but the bottom line is this is a serious issue for those who suffer the indignity. As previously mentioned, several of your statements indicate you have no clue what it is to be discriminated against. There's always someone who never had to deal with such things who is quick to say, "Lighten up". In this case that would be you.

    And though I believe you when you say you mean no offense to anyone here, it is offensive for you to suggest 09 is being oversensitive about the situation. You're effectively telling him how to feel.

  7. Well, I could give you a 20ft screen projection but it's gonna cost you and you'll need a space big enough for a 20ft screen. ;) We can go bigger, too, if you like. Been doing this on a regular basis for about a dozen years. The difference now is they're brighter, better resolution and easier to setup.


    But seriously, outside the ridiculous of using an LCD tv with computer interface there are plenty between 20" and 24" available, and if you use Mac and want to spend a fortune there's always the Cinema displays. I'm not a Mac guy but they really are amazing monitors!

  8. This is a big part of what's wrong with America right here.

    Why be so sensitive? Surely it's not this one thing that happened, is it? Could you be irritated by this due to something(s) that happened to you in life prior to this?

    When I read your post, I considered for a moment whether you should have been offended. Then I thought, "If was on a flight from Brazil to Miami, and the attendant asked me if I speak Portuguese, would I have been offended?"

    It was a simple question, no harm intended.

    Terry D.


    I respect most of what you post, Terry, but that comparison is simply ridiculous. The level of deliberate and ignorant prejudice blacks, hispanics, asians and others are forced to deal with on a regular basis in the U.S. is cause to fight these slights or deliberate insults with some kind of response. There is no way for you to understand what it is to be assaulted in subtle and overt ways by a large number of strangers everywhere you go.


    Imagine the response if zeronyne had broached this subject onboard. That would likely have created a real problem for 'nyne and/or the flight attendant. His response to determine the company's official position and what they intend to do about this situation is professional and appropriate, IMO.

  9. I have to agree with zeronyne and Craig.


    It was insulting and dangerous (in this instance) for the flight attendant to assume anyone in the aisle spoke English but certainly that she assumed some did and another did not based on their physical appearance.


    I'm fed up with PC bs but I don't see this falling into that category. And I'm certainly Caucasian.


    In a strange twist on Gus' story of traveling with his Uruguayan friend, my wife has often overheard conversations by latinos who assume the white woman doesn't know any more spanish than "s

  10. Where do they go? I worked a gig for a record company on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.. a dinner in which they had center pieces made to look like simple flower arrangements using two CD's hot glued back to back on a stalk. (data side showing) After the gig I pulled a few apart looking for anything listenable. Most of it was really bad rap and r&b but there were a few interesting CD's including some weird electronic stuff that made for great system test CD's. Lots of overdone bass, percussive sounds, etc. :D

  11. ...He could not for the life of him grasp it. I can't play steel but I took the bar from him and faked a melody drenched in echo and verb. He looks at me and says, "OK! What'd you do?"

    He couldn't hear it until he actually "heard" it. Part of the beauty in simplicity is hearing it
    making that imagination real. To me...

    Toots Thielman was the master at this. Playing the simplest thing and making it sound like heaven.


    Well put! I certainly wish I was better at hearing exactly what I want to play before I play it.

  12. The first thing you should do when mic'ing a banjo (or any other acoustic instrument, for that matter) is listen to the instrument.


    When I mixed for Mike Snider at Opryland USA, day one I asked Charlie Cushman (banjo great in his own right and owner of the gorgeous, early 1930's Gibson Mastertone Mike played) if I could hear the banjo before I put the mics up. I'd never heard a banjo up close. I had no idea what one really sounded like. The provided mic was a Shure SM57 which worked fine. I wouldn't say it sounded great though. It certainly didn't carry the range of tonal colors that particular amazing banjo created in Mike's and Charlie's hands.


    After the first show we were walking across the park for lunch and Charlie began laughing. Mike asked him what was so funny. Charlie said, "Before the show Neil asked to hear what the banjo sounded like. I don't think I ever had a sound engineer ask what the banjo sounds like."


    The point is simple. Most people outside the bluegrass community have never heard a banjo up close. They have the misconception that a banjo is a snare drum with varying notes. It's not. The variety and complexity of tones available from a good banjo is great. You may or may not want to reproduce that but if you approach the instrument as most people do, believing it's barely more than a "plink" with a shade of a fundamental note you'll do a great dis-service to the player and the client.


    From there you need to consider the context. Will it be solo? In the middle of a twin fiddle, mandolin, acoustic bass and guitar bluegrass band?


    If you have access to the great mics mentioned by Dave (who has certainly seen more than his share of banjos, I'd think) and others above, wonderful. Otherwise, you simply have to listen to the instrument first, then place a mic or two around it and find a sweet spot for whatever you may have. The SM57 will not be detailed to be sure, but if it's all you have available you can still get many usable timbres from a decent banjo.

  13. First, I'm thoroughly unimpressed by this song on almost every level. To your question, I believe the drumming isn't just simple. It's awkwardly played, IMO. I wouldn't have an issue with the other parts if the drums weren't so bad. Of course, lyrically and melodically I just don't see this as a good song let alone a great song.


    I agree with the above post. You can get away with a lot of off playing if the song is solid but the playing can be well done and the song suck. In the event of the latter you will not reach your audience but the former... Just look at performances by Kris Kristofferson, Tom Petty and many others whose voices or playing are anything but classically beautiful, yet they know how to use what they have to move an audience's emotions by singing/playing great songs.


    I think Sir Paul did a pretty good job w/his first solo record.

    "Maybe I'm Amazed" is about as good as music gets, IMHO.



    I love that song but disagree entirely that he did a good job of it on the studio cut. Everything that studio cut lacks in terms of vibe and emotion are perfectly realized in the more famous, live version. That comes from the playing. You can accomplish great vibe by yourself, but Maybe I'm Amazed in its original form doesn't cut it IMO.


    I have a friend, an old bandmate, who taught himself to play keyboards, guitar, bass, drums all for the purpose of recording by himself because he never could get a stable group of musicians to realize his songs. He doesn't have much in the way of technical expertise in any of these areas yet his songs are pretty darned good. He can play what he needs to play for 90% of what's really demanded by the song. For the other 10% he either glosses over it (easy to do in the current age of no guitar solo) or gets someone else to add what he cannot. For all my ability on guitar, above and beyond what he's accomplished, I don't have many songs to show for it. All around I'd have to say I'm a more knowledgeable musician but he's a better musician.

  14. I used to read Popular Photography. 10 or 15 years ago, before the real revolution in digital photography, I read a snippet about a reader who recognized a picture (uncredited) in an ad place in Popular Photography. The reader realized where he'd seen the picture and contacted the magazine and the owner of the photo, who recovered a six figure court ordered payment from the company.


    The reader recognized the photo from a monthly feature in Popular Photography called "Your photos", a gallery of reader submissions! :D

  15. I have one of the finest collection of rare and vintage air guitars in the IE.


    I had a pretty extensive collection at one time...


    One suggestion. Don't let someone with allergies come near your stable of fine air guitars. :cry:


    One second they were there.. the next it was mixed up air everywhere.... :freak:

  16. I was just listening to our contribution the other day. I believe I was involved with the second or third song, Reaching Out.


    Anyone remember who mixed that song? I wanted to see if the individual tracks are still available. I was blown away with what he created from our individual performances (based on the rough tracks I recorded to) but always wanted to try my hand at a re-mix for my own resume. I contributed four, maybe 5 instrument tracks.

  17. The outage forwarding worked flawlessly for me.

    Verizon was suing Vongage just when I was transitioning to wireless, and I almost stopped then and there. They eventually settled out of court and Vonage continues to operate...


    Not so, Doug. Vonage lost in court to the tune of 58 million dollars + 5.5% of revenues related to the technology that infringes on Verizon's patents.


    Read more here...

  18. Vonage sounds pretty great except that if the power goes out, so does the modem, no?

    Who knows.


    Yes, but you're not SOL if you have a cell phone. They can forward your calls to the cell in the event of a break down for whatever reason. If their system doesn't see your "phone IP address" then it automatically forwards. Least ways that's how it was explained to me by friends and relatives using such a service. I don't have it yet so this is all second hand information.


    One issue to consider is the viability of VOIP companies. My brother in Illinois and a sound engineer we use here in Tennessee had the same VOIP provider, a company that prided itself in ads on the fact a live human being answered all their customer service calls without need of a recorded message phone router. One day they simply shuttered the doors and ceased to be in business. For some reason some of the system was left running when the doors were locked. Some customers had service and others were simply shut out with no warning, no information... nothing. When word got out all their customers began scrambling to figure out how to get their service moved to another provider.


    In the mean time, Vonage was successfully sued for patent infringement. The most visible consumer VOIP now has a large settlement to pay and a murky future regarding the very technology that is at the heart of their business.


    This is one reason I'm waiting a bit longer to see how the market plays out. I wouldn't want to be locked in with a POS provider for a year or more with a phone number I've had for a dozen years hanging in the balance.

  19. I've been mulling over the same issues. My wife has a pre-paid cell she rarely uses. I have a cell issued by my work. Our phone bill is never less than $40 - $50 yet we hardly use it. Long distance is free on my work cell, incoming and night/weekend minutes are free either way so the relatively minuscule 450 minutes/mo go a long way.


    I can't justify the $99 Comcast triple-play dealie with cable but they just began marketing phone and internet for $50. We pay $12 for pristine local channels... that still puts us $38/month ahead of the triple play and way ahead of a typical phone bill after long distance is added, when my wife calls on the land line.


    I like the seeming permanence of the land line (almost always working when power is out) but with a cell and VOIP I would love to recoup all that money paid for a line I rarely use and pickup highspeed internet to boot. (Right now we have no home internet connection. :(

  20. soak corn in water , ,and roast it on the grill with the husks on ....best roast veggie by far. rat


    Can't believe I forgot about corn! It seems to taste best when made by carneys at the state fair, drenched in butter. If it's the really good, sweet corn, you don't even need salt. (Though a pinch doesn't hurt...)

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