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  1. Since I bought the Steinberg UR22 I recommend it. $149.00. Everything you need. Or try one of the small Presonus boxes. From somebody who was like you at one time.
  2. Well he was one of those guys that didn't make records for mass public consumption. The Velvet Underground was to me the quintessential garage band made good. They influenced jam bands also by stretching out. His influence was far more on other artist in how they approached music than anything else.
  3. Bottom line, worst designed bridge. Love Fender, hate the JM bridges.
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply--login problems. I have tons of music at Reverbnation, Bruce Teague. Hard to say what has the Blackstar sound on it as pretty much everything in the past year. But honestly, I use it more as a preamp tube, and drive the front end of that. Sometimes I will trun up the drive and use a nice gritty tone for some slide guitar--aka Billy Gibbons.
  5. There are old threads for the Bad Monkey so I wanted a fresh one for this Mod. I've had mine for a long time. Liked it as they say "for the price". But I recently did the mod found online of changing the C5 capacitor to a .1uf to smooth out the mid-hump. THIS WORKS. To my ears now this mod really makes it less harsh sounding and I think it still has about the same amount of overdrive. But now bass and treble controls seem to have more impact than they did before (one of the unknown factors about this pedal was the "boost" you got from the tone knobs). Now with this mod, the drive all the way down is a tad cleaner making it a better boost in front of a tube, but can really push the tube without that nasally midrange. Like I said, just sounds mre ear pleasing now. $40 bucks and $1 for a capacitor. Oh, and i did not have a good time trying to work with that circuit board. Not fun so beware. SPANK THE MONKEY!
  6. I bought the HT-Drive and thought others might benefit from my experience. STOCK version: 1st) The Tone knob is pretty wothless--from muddy to less muddy. 2) With drive on zero, overdrive. About half way up you are close to distortion and don't get much else pass that. There is NO clean here. The good, the dirt is nice, fairly smooth, can be noisy. Runs on hi-voltage but does not get to hot. So I decided to change out the tube to a Electro-Harmonix 12AU7 (or AT?) instead of AX. I wanted a cleaner floor. BTW, changing was a bitch. But it worked, yes screwed the warranty. Now with drive down all the way it's clean, but adds a slight upper mid freq. All the way up is now in the area of thick overdrive/borderline distortion. The drive trail between 0 and max is way more natural. HERE is what you need to know. This pedal now loves the front end of a tube amp, but really can help the sound of a SS amp. Second, I can now drive a distortion pedal into the Blackstar tube with some of the same reaction of the preamp on a tube amp. Tube snobs, I know the difference. Not saying it's exactly the same, just that it does something for it. Hope this helps somebody.
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