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  1. howdy all, i would like to ask a question about the boss rc-2, the answer to which i have tried to find in various boss literature, but i do not find exactly this info. the looper has 11 stored phrases. in its most simple configuration, i can create multiple loops, recording a new loop on top of earlier ones, and build a multi-layer musical piece all in the same key, or root note, and wroit the whole thing to one of 16 available positions. but let's say i want to make one phrase for the intro of a song, then another phrase for the verse, then another phrase for the chorus, can i use the footswitch to select on the fly between those phrases for playback? for example, intro is written to phrase position 1, verse is written to position 2, and chorus is written to position 3. now i want to play some stuff on top of the intro. then i want to play on top of the verse, and finally i want to record on top of the chorus. can i select between saved phrase positions with the external footswitch? i hope it is clear, what i am asking. thanks, -eric
  2. i always thought the solos from "theme for an imaginary western" by mountain were very pretty.
  3. Eric: Ask lots of questions, the most important one being, how are your lessons structured for someone like me? Also get a couple of references from students that are presently with him. If you're not used to this take along an older friend, etc. The wheat from the chaff becomes much easier if the answers don't make sense or the person is evasive. will do, thanks for the advice. i did send a couple of web inquiries to a few places in the area, thanks.
  4. Maybe a little far for you, but Chris Malinowski out of Accent Music in Wilmington, DE is fantastic. that's actually not too far. we're about half-way between PHL and wilmngton, in fact my wife works in wilmington. i wil call this week, thanks for the tip. -eric
  5. Why don't you look up "music studios" in the yellow pages or on line. This is where you'll find the best teachers. i have done that, as well as a few google searches. but i was hoping some local members here would have some advice based on personal experience. anybody can place an advertisement, there's no way to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  6. howdy all, my son is 17, has been playing guitar for about four years, and is largely self-taught. as a result, he has developed a very eccentric picking style with a lot of up-strokes, fast tremelo-picking and pull-offs. he sounds to me like a raw, unfocused john mclaughlin or frank zappa or nels cline, but very much stuck in a mixolydian bag. he is really fast and furious, but has a hard time playing smooth legato leads. what' funny is that his bandmates are mostly interested in what the kids call "indie" music: grizzly bears, bon iver, mountain goats, etc. they are very much opposed to displays of musicianship or virtuousity, and this tends to frustrate my son. but he and his bandmates are friends first from way back.... the band came later, so he goes along with them, but it's hard for him to NOT cut loose now and again. he listens passively to a lot of guitarists that i worship, like django reinhardt, steve morse, norman blake (country flatpicker), frank zappa and jimi hendrix, but what he digs most are wilco, radiohead, drive-by truckers, cracker, built to spill and the meat puppets. now, all that is by way of background. i would like him to resume lessons, and i would like to find a teacher who can take that raw energy and calm him down a bit, introduce him to some fusion techniques, help him focus his playing and stretch out a bit with more modal stuff. things he would not be doing with his band, and things he would not maybe do of his own volition. but i do know that being more fluent would make him more confident and satisfied with his playing. so, having written all that, i would like to know if anybody here could reccomend a suitable instructor in the delaware county area, just outside of philadelphia. thanks in advance, -eric
  7. Thanks man, the first Dregs Tune I heard was Ice Cakes and it FLOORED ME! Especially the part where the shots transition smooth as glass into a swing line! His writing skills are ridiculous! cool to see some other old-time dregs fans. i got hooked when night of the living dregs came out. what a smorgasbord of styles represented on that album! i saw them once at the psyche delly in DC, and only once again, at the TLA a few years ago in philadelphia. have you seen how HUGE jerry goodman is now? look at a pic from the mahavishnu days... he looks like a scarecrwo. now he looks lke a linebacker. not fat, just massive.
  8. hi all, i am looking to buy a small practice amp that could also be miked and sound good on stage. specifically, i am interested in the following, and would like any advice from the forum members on pros and cons, or on specific recommendations for anything else in this vein, in the $500 - $100 price range. victoria 518 swart space tone marsh amps 5Fi replica valvetrain 205 1x8 combo lil dawg 5F1 champster thanks in advance for your time and advice. -eric
  9. ....also my bud is reall bi-polar,i always argue with him and he hates it when i call him rainman!! ha haaa haaaa!!!!!!! piece.. lumpy... rain man was autistic, not bi-polar
  10. the jimmy bruno one is available on DVD from amazon. i am thinking about getting it, along with his "art of picking" book.
  11. hey all, has anybody here watched the danny gatton dvd "strictly rhythm"? anything good or bad to say about it, from a learning perspective? i like danny gatton and am thinking about picking it up, but wanted to check here first. thanks, -eric
  12. hey all, i posted this on the electric guitar forum and it sank like a stone. i probably should have posted this here already: for any of you folks who have listened to the jimmie vaughan tune "boom bapa boom": in the third bar of the second 12-bar solo, he gets this real fleeting tremolo sound for a few notes. i am wondering if anybody figures how how he does that. does he step on the vibrato footswitch for a second? does he roll the tone or volume control? does he flip the pickup selector back and forth? just wondering. thanks, -eric
  13. well, thanks to a lot of suggestions, i bought "blues you can use". it arrived today, and evan sat down with the first lesson, and i swear he did some stuff that sounded like lightnin' hopkins. specifically the arhoolie record where he does "bud russell blues". so thanks to everybody who replied. it looks like we're on the right track! -eric
  14. Originally posted by red|dragon Scott Henderon's 2 VHS videos. hey, i just noticed you're from richmond. excellent!
  15. hey folks, thanks for all the recommendations. i should have mentioned that my son, while not a complete neophyte, is not exactly fluent, either. as far as blues guitar, it's a style he's interested in, but has not really delved into yet. he's been more of a foo fighters, weezer, sportfreunde stiller kind of guy. thanks again. -eric
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