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  1. Hey Jon, thanks for the feedback. I'm a huge fan of yours btw! My answers to your questions: 1) I want to become a better musician overall, and a more fluid guitar player. I feel that the key to that is mastering an understanding of the major scale, and in conjunction, being able to play with relative ease in any of the 12 keys. I also feel that knowing the inversions will help spice up my playing and chord vocabulary and that I really don't know the triads deep enough. So my practice schedule is two birds 1 stone based (expand chord vocab, AND get fretboard down) 2) I'll know I'll have accomplished this goal when I can run through all the notes on the neck as quickly as I can today with "C". (which is pretty quick - almost without conscious though) 3) Time: have a set practice daily. Stick to my routine. Right now, what I laid out above (without arps) takes me about 30-40 min. With arps, will take an hour. I have about an hour of daily practice time these days. 4) Well, I suppose I'm a pretty persistent person. If something really goes wrong - I'll talk to folks to get help. (ie. post here and hopefully someone of your caliber of playing will see this!) I have a couple of questions before I give feedback: 1) In setting this goal for yourself, what do you want to be able to do that makes you believe that accomplishing this will get you where you want to go? 2) How will you know when you've accomplished your goal? 3) Specifically, how will you manage your time and resources to accomplish it? 4) When you get stuck, how will you handle the obstacles?
  2. So, I've been playing guitar for over a decade, and still don't know the fretboard notes. That sucks! My resolution is to nail them down over the next three months. I've tried to various attempts to learn them via "shortcuts" - ie. octave method, BEAD method, etc.... no method worked. Instead, this is my daily routine: * practice the following in every key by cycling through circle of fourths * major scale, every position on the neck * closed triads (M,m,d,+) - every inversion, every string set I have been doing this for the past 3 weeks and already seem to have an improvement. ie. I can see the C scale no problem all over the neck, and I am starting to see the F scale as well. My goal is to be fluent in all keys. I'll let y'all know if the above works or not.
  3. Awesome explanation below. I have been doing triadic inversion flows for years albeit without really knowing it! Excellent analysis and example. Have you thought of doing a triad inversions lesson on your site?
  4. Good stuff guys! I do the closed voice triad inverstions (aug, dim, maj, min) in all keys. So there are four string sets to practice them on. I find this a good drill to hammer in my brain the neck shape, and neck note locations.
  5. how many of you good folks practice triad inversions (maj, min, aug, dim). My new drill I started, is to practice every triad inversion in every key. Starting on one string set. I'm working on the closed triads and started with 654 strings. Ex. Start in key of C. Do all CMaj, then all Cm, then Cdim, finally Caug. Then I move onto F. Repeate. Then Bb, Eb, Ab, etc. down the cycle of forths. Would love to hear if anyone else has done this to really nail down their triadic inversions.
  6. well gents, I've been a member now for about two weeks or so on Jimmy Bruno's site, and I can say is wow. Just awesome stuff. As a note of caution to newbies, this site seems targetted to intermediate and advanced players. If I had a year of playing under my belt, this might be too much too soon. For those with a few years and who would like to learn jazz, it can't be beat. You know, I actually had a cool teacher who explained all the academic concepts of modes, and their applications on the guitar - he was a cool guy, but made it all so complicated, and thus, daunting. Jimmy's no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air.
  7. Hi there, I'm interested in purchasing a used Sadowsky JB or semi. If you have one that you are considering to sell for cold hard cash, please pm me. Thank you, tommy
  8. final bump - 8 hours till end of sale. Still the lowest price I have ever seen this guitar sell by a wide margin
  9. Holy cow - just stumbled on this? Anyone try it. Bruno's amazing. Any good? Cheers, -Tommy link: http://www.jimmybrunoguitarinstitute.com
  10. auction ends Sunday 5pm - price is still more than $1k+ cheaper than I've ever seen these guitars sell for.
  11. Thanks for the bump and nice comment. Yup, this guitar is nice - aside from wonderful playability and tone, the Koa top is beautiful. Yeah, I unfortunately can't ship outside the US with this thing. I shipped one other semi high value item (~$1000) and I had problems with the buyer. That experience has turned me off on international shipping. Good luck!
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