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  1. Hi Everyone, As promised a week ago, I wanted to give a full review of my 4 month old Fender DRRI. When I bought it, I really liked it stock; I would rate it 8/10. The cleans were great. But some things were not so nice: * it did not take pedals very well. Even my keeley tubescreamers, especially in the reverb socket, sounded tinny * channel 2 was way too bright. But the tone was nice, and a light reverb from channel 2 set at 2-3 was great. So, I spent hours online researching and consulted with many of you. Here's what I decided to do: * buy a 12F150 Weber 8
  2. So, when people pick with their right hand (assuming right handed player using a pick), is the correct technique to use your wrist to deliver the note, or your entire arm...ie bending at the elbow and keeping the wrist relatively stationary? or a combo of both?
  3. It seems these are all MIK now. Were they ever MIJ? If anyone owns one, what do you think? I've been looking at Ibanez artstars or artcore's as well, but it seems these HB35's have quite a reputation going for them.... Finally, what do you think is a good deal for this guitar 2nd hand? Cheers, Tommy
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