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    I own a Gibson Les Paul which is my main axe for playing with my band. I also have a Simon Patrick Cedar 6 string folk and right now am looking into getting a high end guitar. I know these guitars made by Godin are well made, as I have seen Mr. Godin himself describe his process and he has signed my Simon Patrick, I have no worry about it. If it were lost, I would replace it, since the price is SOOOO good for such a great sounding, easy playing guitar. At the price I paid I use it as my "campfire" guitar that I take while travelling and hanging out outside at cottages/campfires and passing around to others (while maybe drinking some beer... just a little bit ) It stands up well. I rate "fantastic value" not because it sounds as great as some $2000 12 strings, but because it is VERY close to as good as those but only cost me $350!
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