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  1. It's my go to guitar. The neck feels perfect, and i love the thick sound. The only thing i've done yet is change out the knobs to reflectors. Pups and electronics are next... someday. I recently bought a les paul junior lite and this one really kicks its ass. I think i'm gonna sell the gibby and get a tele or something. Anyone else dig these?



  2. I think that the connection from my bridge ground is bad on my les paul jr lite. It buzzes and so forth unless i touch metal on it. I checked all the connections and everything is fine i think it is the bridge ground wire... how hard is this to fix?


    Do I have to take the bushings out? Does it ground to the tune-o-matic or the stop tail? Thanks in advance

  3. the ones from guitarfetish have gold tops... i searched e-bay and found a set for my tokai lp with silver tops... check e-bay i can't remember the seller's name but he's the only dude with them i could find and i searched long and hard.

  4. Originally posted by jjpistols

    tips for what?

    the change is a good one, IMO - expect more noise, but better tone

    I'm expecting more noise and want it...
    i'm thinking about throwing some GFS p-90's in it...

    i'm torn because the price is right. but i feel like i should put something better in a gibby.... oh well, i'll probly just do it!

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