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  1. Let's see it! I love build threads and harbor massive envy for those of you who can do it.
  2. In NYC 200 calls is one week's worth of work. Nice to see he is a medic though.
  3. The only electric archtop that I could find that had the p.u.'s and control knobs on the pickguard were by Framus. Unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate that yours would be a Framus as it is, to be honest, very plain. The trapeze is basic, economy acoustic archtop. I cannot even find economy Framus knock-offs with the pu's and controls on the pickguard. I hope you did not buy this in hopes it was a diamond in the rough. It looks like an old 70's style archtop I used to futz around on.
  4. I get a bit hard whenever I read this thread and other build threads. Fabulous work! I think I would pay to be a helper on a project like this just so I could learn.
  5. I am with him^^^Same type of player: late starter, no dreams of fame, no plans to gig, no singing out of my mouth, no one to play with. I play because I get lost in the playing. It relaxes me. it's {censored}ing fun! I have OCD tendencies (we all do) and I had to realize that if I spent hours trying to get the "right" sound, pick the right way, etc...I was going to end up hating the guitar. I play for fun, {censored} being perfect, and am a better player than when I tried to "get it right". Relaxing and going with the flow (I know, trite) will do wonders for your outlook and possibly your ability.
  6. I would never put a Grateful Dead sticker on a Lambo...I would not put one on a Yugo though. It would be insulting to the Yugo. The skulls are cool beans. To me it is like a subtle eff you to tradition. I am in awe of your abilities, and jealous too.
  7. I play a Behringer iAxe Metalien through a Fender Mustang I. My tones range from down right horrible to merely sucky. I don't care much, I just like to act like i can play.
  8. HSH strat type with coil splits. I think that could cover the gamut of rock if applied correctly.
  9. I have a Mustang I. My wife got it for me after I asked for an Acoustic 20W and an multi-effects pedal. The amp is merely ok. I don't like fiddling with knobs, I wanna play. My nephew has a Roland Cube, it is awesome for a simple modeling amp.
  10. Sure..Refute me with logic and back it with statistics. Here I am trying to liven the board up with 'Murcan and California jingoism and you ruin it with irrefutable stats. I know Canadians are the majority in the NHL and I know the Kings and Ducks would be nothing without Canadians and foreign-born players. Hell, the Kings were so bad for so long it is nice to be able, now, to say that SoCal is a hockey powerhouse in the NHL.
  11. Someone posted a thread that this place was mellow. I'm gonna spice it up a bit: First: Who says Canada is the land of ice hockey? A Canadian team has not won the Stanley Cup in ages. Two teams from Southern California have won it in the past eight years and one, the LA Kings, have won it twice in the last three years with Chicago (may as well be in Canada) winning last year. Land of ice hockey...Is Southern California...Eh? On a more serious note: That is a far move, especially going from Australia to Canada, and from a climate much like SoCal's to one that is rainy. Gonna be a big adjustment for you. Good on you for doing it to help out pops. Best of luck!
  12. Came up with one today: Semitone and the Superconductors. You can use it. Free.
  13. Why not just plug the floyd hole, re-rout and then mount the wilkinson? I know it would be some work but it would look much nicer and probably work better.
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