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  1. You mean he did a split coil conversion without adding a switch for it?
  2. Just to confirm that you didn't use the black conductive foam from a semiconductor pack?
  3. Question it with a continuity meter, see how much resistance you meet.
  4. For some reason it makes me feel physically ill (nausea) watching this. I think it is a combination of the noise and the realisation that people who fall for this are still allowed to vote in elections.
  5. I'm in my mid 60s and even to me that is 'dad music'
  6. Occasionally something extraordinarily moving happens. [video=youtube_share;uT7mfREKG44]
  7. I think that has the makings of a theme for a soviet era spy thriller. I can see it over a night time opening credits on a moscow street with a breathless fast walking spy and a prowling KGB Volga.
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