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  1. I use variaxes live along with the POD XT Live.


    There are many nay-sayers about any type of gear you can name and Line 6 seems to have more than their share. My best advise is to make up your own mind.


    The Variax 700 does not feel like a cheap guitar. Play one and judge for yourself. The 300 can be compared to a cheap guitar, but then again, many artists do play cheap guitars. I've used a 300 live, but I've smoothed the fret ends and done a bit of setup. It has never failed me. It is now my backup to my 700.


    The only thing I will tell you is if you don't like spending any time tweaking to find your sound, perhaps modelling equipment is not for you.

  2. Okay, here's a question...

    How do Epiphone semi hollows compare Ibanez Artcores? Like, a Sheraton/Dot/Casino vs Artcore AS73?

    Best advise is go play them both and let your ears decide. I did and I find the epi dots to be superior in the sound they put out but YMMV.

  3. I gig with my 300 a fair bit. It's not perfect, but quite useful.


    Some other features are worth noting. The software lets you swap out (virtual) pickups and lets you place them anywhere on the guitar body, including on the fretboard. You can wire them in or out of phase if you like too. These settings can be saved on the guitar for later recall during your show.


    If you get a 300, expect to smooth out fret edges. This is true of any cheap guitar. Otherwise, I find it to be a well playing guitar.

  4. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd say I read at a 7. Most of my playing is reading for orchestra pits.


    I've been in 10 productions in the last two years, and I'd say my reading has improved rapidly in that time.


    But I would say that reading is only one skill to have in your arsenal. Listening skills are just as important.

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