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  1. It's no delusion. It's reality.

    It might not
    be decided based on cost, but it certainly does have
    to do with it.

    You think so? Then why over the lifecycle of a product do prices change?

    Think about it. Sales happen. Products get discontinued and sold, often for below cost.

    You think Bose selling prices are 2x or 3x or whatever x times cost? Beheringer?

    Selling prices are determined by business model and markets. Virtually nothing to do with cost.

  2. Well I like the X2 wireless unit (the XDS95). But I knew when I saw the cable, it would be a problem and soon.


    Sure enough, it lasted 4 shows. So word to the wise. Don't buy one without ordering a couple of backup cables.


    Yea, I know. I just thought It could wait until I got a break from shows. :cop:

  3. fighting for archaic, destructive constitutional rights--yep, that makes you an asshole.

    let's not forget that slavery and the prevention of voting were supported by the constitution at one point.

    So if it's not specifically forbidden in a separate constitutional ammendment, it's expressly permitted?

    Following that logical thread means that all sorts of unspeakable horrors must be supported by the constitution.

  4. For practice, my recommendations are usually:


    1) Guitar Trainer. Not an amp, but you can jam to any track.


    These can be found new on ebay for $150


    2) Spider III 15w, very versitile for bedroom jam and practice.


    3) Roland Cube 15w.


    4) Hiwatt Bulldog 20w



    5) Epi Valve Jr. for the guitar player that must have tubes.

  5. If you must have a SS amp, I'll throw in another vote for the flextone. Also the Roland Jazz Chorus is a great amp, but for clean only. The valvetronix are also great amps.

    But don't be afraid of the tube amps. They're nothing to maintain and not very expensive used. I picked up a peavey valveking 1x12 combo for $250. It sounds great. Many other choices in this price range.

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