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  1. Line6 Floor Pod.. What more do you need?

    12 amps, which you say you want to turn off..

    12 effects..

    1 switch on the back to kill the amps/cabs

    1 headphone out

    left/right outs


    Of, if you want more bells, whistles, amps, cabs and effects, go with the Floor Pod Plus for $50 more.


    Personally, I'd get the plus..

    Less than half the price of the TL LE ($149) or the plus version ($199)

  2. They're great if you need to play stadiums. Most players find the DRRI more practical for club situatons.

    It's a great amp with a well-deserved great reputation. I'll keep my DRRI though. My back thanks me all the time.

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