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  1. I have a Boss BR-1180 Multi-Track Recorder w/CD which I purchased used. I knew in advance that the CD player was not functioning as it should. I love the unit and want to keep it. I need some help from anyone that might know, can it be repaired easily? If I insert a CD, I either get a error message saying "CD read error", or "CD Disk not ready". I've cleaned the CD lens but that did not help. I don't know what to do next, and wonder if anyone out there could advise me on what I could do to remedy the problem, or should I give up hope on the built in CD, and maybe purchase an 'external' CD recording device. If this is the route I should take any suggestions on what to look for? In advance, I would like to thank anyone that takes the time to offer me any useful advice. Thank you!
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