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  1. I'm looking something that will have the lyrics, shows the chords and plays the backing tracks to a bunch of cover songs Who makes something like this? that shows you the lyrics , the chord chart and plays the backing tracks to cover songs?
  2. I'm looking something that will have the lyrics, shows the chords and plays the backing tracks to a bunch of cover songs Who makes something like this? that shows you the lyrics , the chord chart and plays the backing tracks to cover songs?
  3. The i-Tab electronic songbook for guitarists Is there any others or how good it this?
  4. Which company's make a small digital song book that has a bunch of cover songs, which song you the chords and lyrics? I remember seeing one that hooks up to the guitar neck I'm just looking for something to carrying around
  5. Ernie balls and GHS strings I break in seconds, they are the worst strings ever DR's stay in tune better with strats but still break strings at the bridge
  6. Don't worry about it It pays my bills just fine I told you multiple times to stay out of my threads Most of the people on HC I would think are old enough to be adults but act very childish by making fun of peoples music,vocals, recordings and then posting things on youtube going into my threads it just childish I'm just glad I'm not one of those low life's like these HC adults I rather be making music than to be a low life on HC like these guys in my threads making fun of my music
  7. I put it on youtube cause I want to put it on youtube to get work asshole and money I don't care for people to LIKE IT it doesn't bother me at all I don't make music for people to like it or enjoy it , i do it to make money Go {censored} yourself if you can't say it to my face in real life People drink & do drugs for different reasons and people make music for different reasons It's not because I want people to like me or my music I could really careless because it does nothing for me for others to like what i do because i'm not them and i don't know what they feel cause people are soulless period
  8. Don't worry about it asshole it wasn't ment for you I go to a lot of art shows, should i point my finger and say your art sucks, you should go home and by the way why are you even here? Just shut the {censored} up asshole I'm glad you don't like my recordings, vocals, songwriting, etc. You ask to many stupid questions Why do you own a guitar? I never heard your music, so why do you own a guitar? Why do you own a car? why do you eat? why do you breath air? why do you go on the computer? why do you talk?
  9. Look assholes I can email metallica, eric clapton , axl rose, slash, leslie west, eddie van halen, etc. all day long and tell them they suck , their vocals suck, their recordings suck, their songwriting sucks, their guitar tones suck. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me It's on youtube for myself not for assholes Let me here your {censored} ass music? links and websites?
  10. Just to make it clear I really don't care if anyone in the world likes my music,vocals or how I record. It does nothing for me at all for people to like my music or enjoy my music If people like my music big deal it does nothing for me But I'm really glad you hate my music and vocals, I just wish you would say it in my face in real life instead of online
  11. DR- 10 gauge Tite-FIT nickel Plated, round core I Break strings all the time that's what I switched to the DR's because they last longer SRV tech would but a TUBING over the bridge prices to the inside of the tremolo block to prevent string breakage What kind of Tubing did he use? I would think the tubing would dampen or decay the strings
  12. 1.) I still break strings using GraphitAll on the bridge a.) It's how the new mexican strats are made? b.) There is tension how the neck is set up to cause a stress point at the bridge? c.) The tremolo block is rubbing the strings to cause it to break? d.) SRV tech. put a tubing over the strings from the tremolo block to the bridge 2.) Isn't GHS Fast Fret on the neck bad for the wood of the neck?
  13. Most string breaks occur because they are either not installed correctly or there are sharp metal burrs where the string exits the bridge. If you notice they are breaking at the bridge its probably that, 1.) Yes they are break before the bridge inside or between the strat tremolo and the bridge piece, The bridge pieces are metal but they are the rollor silver types that the 60's used so I can't see where it would be cutting the strings because the new strats have those slots built in the bridge pieces and those do cut the strings I think it has to do with the tension stress of the neck to bridge to tremolo block There is some type of stress point in that away tho, it happens when I bend strings
  14. sorry this isn't match.com I just don't get how you can insult and degrade someone in there thread and you don't show your face
  15. Look you know who I am , just come clean and stop playing games Like I said introduce yourself to me in real life
  16. After looking at Her website , the pictures of the her band members are so ugly and out of shape I don't even want to waist my time on that trash And I don't believe you're a music teacher and even if you are who cares
  17. It's not like a tough guy talk it's the real deal to you all You want to insult me and degrade me just meet me and say it to my face it's that easy it's just basic man code and etiquette Like i said I am really easy to find in real life, so come by and say it to my face in real life
  18. Just stop replying in my threads in the future Any of them I start just stay away from them
  19. Do you make more than a million dollars a year? Since you all have a BRAIN? I bet you don't even make close to $40,000 a year But that's right you're smart
  20. I was looking for a fret board system that would show me scales and modes So i can jam on stage playing to cover songs And To get some rule to thumbs how to improvise over chord progressions using borrowed chords and cover songs
  21. You're the one that made up that conclusion I never said I was right about anything it's just my beliefs of my music theory which i have I could careless if anyone in here or outside of here thinks about my beliefs or what kind of music theory i have who really cares You're been a teacher to long and been reading the same books to long to know, think or have your OWN beliefs about music theory Keep staying in the same small box since it is the only way it works It's the only way it work
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