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  1. I should be getting one in the mail today. It just makes sense for my board. One cable runs my wireless to my board, my board back to my amp, the audio form my backup guitar, and current from a couple power supplies to my effects. Not too shabby. Keeps the stage nice and neat as well.
  2. are you only interested in a Hellraiser? I have a 007elite (old version with humbuckers) that I might be selling in the next few weeks.
  3. WTB/WTT: Fulldrive2 Ideally one with the toggle switches. Mosfet woudl be nice, but not absolutely necessary. I'd like to trade but of the price is right I can buy too. My items for trade are: Boss V Wah Crybaby 535q DE7 TS7 Dano French Toast True Bypass Loop Box Let me know!
  4. Hey there Mike. I just might take you up on the offer. depends on a few things from my end. let me take some measurements and then get back to you. perhaps we should take this to PM or email? does anyone have anything else I should consider? i've already got a little SKB board that just doesn't work for my intentions. that's why I need to move up!
  5. Cool. I'll be saving the cash. Hopefully I can get something from you soon!
  6. Mike: I am not the OP, but that is a darn fine offer of you. Hopefully I'll snag a board/case from you one of these days!
  7. Hello Folks: So, I am looking at building a new pedalboard (or buying one..), but am going to need a flight case for it. Perhaps I'd even build the board into the case. Anyways.. what do you have that you are wanting to get rid of? let me know!
  8. Not to hijack.. but if I were looking at either of these pedals primarily for using an octave up effect (not so much a fuzz), which would you think is best?
  9. Cool guitar. Can you pm me the price? I'd trade but I don't have anything with a maple neck!
  10. Hey friends: We recently got a few mixes back from our mix engineer for our new album. The only place I have them posted is on our myspace. (these are songs by a Christian rock band, by the way) Could you please check it out and let us know what you think of the mixes? He's been a great guy to work with and we liek what he's doign thus far. Any words of wisdom or things to look at with these songs/mixes? The songs in question are "Because You Are" and "The Real Me", and can be heard onour myspace . Thanks a lot everyone. Any feedback would be helpful.
  11. so.. the pedal boards aluminum? Is that right? I bet that makes them really light.
  12. Do you have a link for island cases? I can't find 'em on ebay!
  13. I might be interested! Are you building boards? Or are you jsut covering premade boards? I'd be excited to see pics!
  14. yes, but there's also the time constraint of waiting two weeks or so...
  15. hey guys: I'm currently lookign for a two looper pedal to finish up my board. Maybe even one with a tuner out and amp-channel switching capabilties (for my Mesa Rectoverb). Anyone got on tey are looking at gettign rid of? I'm considering gettign oen built from Pacifc Custom Pedals, but thought I'd check here first! -jrm-
  16. Hey guys: I recently acquired a used ts9dx (thanks to HCFX !) and now I ma lookign for a battery cover for it. ANyone have an extra laying around? -jrm
  17. Unsunder, What does that switch on your power supply do?
  18. What does that switch on your power supply do?
  19. aren't those jsut called "c brackets"? I think you buy them in standard legnths and jsut cut them down to fit. Pretty cheap if I remember correctly. It's been a while...
  20. wow, thanks for the feedback you guys! This is all great info. It's sounding like I might give 1/2 inch pine a shot, cause its going to be a pretty large board (by my standards) at about 3 feet long and weight is a concern. I have to mount a pod and a floorboard on it.. so I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way. I think enclosing the pod in a box standing up behind the floorboard might work. It's only about 7 inches tall when standing on its end, so that might work. I thought about mounting it underneath the floorboard, but then the controler will by a good 6 or so inches off the ground and might get awkward! anyways, this is all great info. Do you all have pics of your boards that I might look at for inspiration? Especially more examples of dual level ones, or boards with shelves/drawers.
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