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  1. Hey fellas and ladies: I've got a Schecter 007 elite in my closet that I jsut don't play anymore! It is the original version with dual humbuckers (tapable), which I much prefer to the new version with the single coil in the neck. Anyways.. 25.5 inch scale, black cherry finish, mahogany body with maple cap, etc... other pics available.. sorry for the dust and the streaks.. just quick photos for reference! I'm looking around $500, but it's hard to tell what these are worth since they aren't made in this configuration anymore. As far as trades are concerned, I am looking for a baritone (electric or acoustic) or a tele (no squires). Can add cash for the right one of either! Any questions? let me know!
  2. I think I saw one over on the gear page...
  3. I've got a Schecter 007 elite that I am parting with. Probably not your cup of tea, but thought I woudl check.
  4. Hey friends. I'm looking to purchase an affordable baritone guitar... Ideally I am looking for a Michael Kelly Patriot Lo-Boy. Anyone have one? Let me know!
  5. Hello friends: I am looking to finish up my band's in-ear rig and just need a few more in-ear-monitor receivers/transmitters. Ideally I'd like to get something that can do "dual-mono", but if you just let me know what you have I'll do the leg work to see if it will work for our rig. Currently we are using Sennheiser (the older non G2 units), but are open to all possibilites. Let me know what you got! -jon
  6. Just some kind of foam I can put in the shelf so I can put some wireless body packs in there (have to cut holes in it), but that can wait....
  7. hey guys: I need a one space shallow rack shelf, and a 2 space rack drawer (and maybe even some foam for the drawer). You got anything? let me know! -jon
  8. hello folks; I'm looking for a new power supply for my PODxt live. My last one was loaned out and never came home. I'm also looking for a two space rack drawer, and some foam to put inside it. Do you have ay of these things sitting around collecting dust? let me know! -jon
  9. Anyone have an old beat up mexer/rack case? Iw ant to mount my Mix Wizard on top and have about 10 spaces underneath. anyone have anything liek that that they could ship for a decent price??
  10. I guess that title could go either way! Here's the clarification: I've got a Schecter 007 elite (original model with 2 humbuckers) in black cherry. It's a fantastic guitar but I'm looking for a baritone instead. Anyone want to trade? more pics upon request!
  11. yep, it's a big wish list. But I need them for an in-ear rig. Anyone have some things they wouldn't mind making some money on?
  12. Do you have either that you aren't using? Please, let me know!
  13. Hey folks: I'm lookign for some wireless in-ear montoring gear: monitor boards (or non-monitor boards) with at least 4 aux mixes splitter snake or something that can split mike sugnals transmitters/receivers. Let me know if you have anything! -jon
  14. Can someone give me a slight intro to what drop 2 is? Is it basically playing a triad on hte 1/2/3 strings and then bass notes on the 5/6 strings? Sorry for the obviously uninformed question, but I've been hearing the term alot!
  15. I've got an epidot deluxe I am sellign with upgraded Gibson pickups. Check it out... http://denver.craigslist.org/msg/624736739.html
  16. Very cool. I'd be all over that LP style if I had the money. Niecly done.
  17. are you not looking for anymore semi-hollows? I've got an older Epi dot that I swapped out the pickups with some gibson 490's.
  18. I guess the title says it all! What do you have?
  19. very similar, but that can do the same thing with a midi signal and DC power plugs.
  20. Just did! Thanks Zach. Hope they can come up with something good! Anyone else?
  21. kind of.... I guess I'd be looking for something like that in panel (not box) form and on steroids. Thanks for the link!
  22. weird question I'm sure... At any rate, I use a custom pedalboard junction on my board to handle different routing needs (tuner mute, guitar a/b switcher, master bypass, etc...) and it is awesome. However, I'm trying to make my life even easier by finding some sort of patch bay that I can install on the side of the board I am building that will connect to the PJ and do a little more. I'd basically like to end up with a "patchbay" (for lack of a better term) that has two inputs that connect to the guitar inputs on the PJ 9to take my guitar signal to my board), and then has an output that is connected to the output on the PJ to take my signal back to my amp Of course, if possible I'd like to integrate other things into that patchbay (ie. a midi-coupler and 2 dc thru jacks that are fed from my pedal snake), but that might be getting too complex! Any help or direction? Or does none of this make sense? Thanks!
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