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  1. Catalinbread Semaphore is an excellent pedal. Small box with various waveforms!
  2. Catalinbread Semaphore. Killer pedal!
  3. That's great news! I had contacted Brad last week to tell him I would be evacuating to northeast Texas, but turns out they got the brunt of the storm. And with the record temperatures down here lately, I'm sure power outage is a major inconvenience. Keep Brad and his family in your prayers.
  4. I use top mounted (err north elevation) jacks on all my pedals. It's quite easy to fit the 11 and 12B switchcraft on the 125B enclosure, but for hammond bb I use enclosed 111/112-type jacks.
  5. Yeah, I hope to catch him when he comes to town this month. Saw him about 10 years ago at some blues fest. Up there with BB King and Buddy Guy, he looked a little out of place.
  6. Originally posted by Ivor The Engine Driver Here are three of mine I'm most interested in what you think of the songs/performances, but in the context as if you think the mix (or lack therof) does them justice. Note I'm using solely GarageBand 1 and only the pinhole mic of eMac to do the vocals... I DI'ed the bass and guitars; and the drums are samples/loops... The sparce keyboard/synth sounds are MIDI and weren't even played on a keyboard... they were played via mouseclick. HOWEVER, I personally think despite all of these flaws and inadequate research, the product came out pretty good and "real." Should add that vibe I was going for on these songs are more in the vein of underground New Wave rather than pristine/Grammy quality. Thanks!!! Love the tunes! Let Me In sounds great! I wouldn't change anything about it. As always, your guitar tone is superb. Also dig the Love Experts material. Huge McGuinn fan!
  7. If you can spare a few bucks, I'd socket the trannie and try the CV7003, oc44, and a few other NOS's. Steve at smallbear carries the oc44 and a few other decent low gain trannies, and they're tested to boot. Just remember to pop in some 100k and 10k trims for the 68k and 3.9k bias resistors for max tweaking. Have fun!
  8. Striking resemblance to Anderton's Tube Sound Fuzz. I wonder if this is an earlier model?
  9. I'd be curious to see how it compares to some of the other DIY boosters out there...Jack Orman's mini booster, mosfet booster, dual mosfet, etc. I'm sure there's some guys lurking around here that can speak up.
  10. Originally posted by Jack Luminous Empty you PM box, bro !! Done.
  11. Originally posted by mukuzi neil said hello to me a few months ago, i was just walking past tims house and standing close to a garden variety car is neil, he go`s out of his way to say hello, nice guy! my house is about 50 meters away from tims i wonder what he thinks when i plant my amp in the back yard and widdle crap for hours Ask him when that new Finn Bros. album will be out Or better yet, when is Neil gonna have some new stuff.
  12. Originally posted by yaz75 Wire brush the tip. If it gets dirty, it won't conduct. Happens to me all the time. Yeah, that too.
  13. Hhhmm...I'd let her warm up a bit before touching to any conductive surface. Jacks and pots will take a bit longer, but circuit board pads should only require 2-3 seconds. I'm not sure what temp your iron is running, but it's crucial to keep high heat. I keep mine at 650-700 degrees and never have a problem. Also if you have direct air blowing on the iron, whether it's a fan, a/c vent, etc, that might cause problems. If you're looking to upgrade to a temp controlled iron, I'd splurge for the Weller WeS51.
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